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The Economic Geology Research Centre (EGRU) has a long and distinguished history in the provision of high quality and industry-oriented research and training in economic geology. For more than 32 years EGRU has offered applied research services, professional development training, and information resources to the exploration and mining industries, and has nurtured collaborative and productive working relationships between industry, researchers and students. During that time the Centre has built strong connections with industry and governments in Queensland, in Australia, and internationally. Today it continues to fulfill its principal function of facilitating knowledge transfer in the field of economic geology between public sector researchers, industry professionals and companies.

EGRU is located within the JCU College of Science and Engineering. The Centre is managed by a Director and overseen by an Advisory Board that consists of representatives from its member companies and from JCU academic staff.  Management and administration is largely funded through membership subscriptions.

An introduction to the people who contribute to EGRU’s research and training, and to the training and analytical services that are offered. EGRU’s resources and services are also summarised below.

The Information Network

This is a dynamic network which aims to connect academic and industry and facilitate the dissemination of new data and ideas.  Information resources include:

  • The EGRU Newsletter (published twice a year)
  • EGRU symposia and conferences
  • Seminars by visiting researchers and industry geologists
  • Seminars by EGRU research staff and students
  • EGRU Publications
  • Reference Searches (on request)
  • The Earth Science Honours, Masters and Doctoral Thesis Collection

The Resource Centre

EGRU can offer its members access to, or assistance with, a range of research and analytical resources, including:

  • Regional Geological Maps
  • Computing Facilities
  • Microscopes: petrological microscopes, photo-microscope.
  • Isotopic and Geochemical Analytical Services (AGIS brochure)

Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Professional Development Training

  • Bachelor of Geology (graduate entry)
  • Economic Geology Honours Degree
  • Doctorates and Masters by Research Degrees
  • A range of Workshops and Short Courses
  • Workshops and short courses are offered on-campus and in-house for industry partners.

Collaborative and Contract Research

The quality of EGRU research is internationally recognised and the Centre benefits from the skills of a team of committed and world renowned researchers. Much of the research is carried out in collaboration with industry, and this collaboration fosters the rapid and effective application of cutting-edge research to the exploration and development of mineral resources.

EGRU also offers contract research services and skills in areas such as petrography, geochemistry, and structural analysis.

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