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November  2022

This issue of the EGRU newsletter marks the 40th anniversary of EGRU and the focus of the issue is people. Over the years many JCU geoscience graduates have gone on to successful careers in economic geology.

In this anniversary issue we take the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions they have made, and are continuing to make, to  geoscience knowledge and practice

October newsletter 

October  2021 - issue includes

-Structural  controls applied to the evaluation of hydrothermal gold deposits
-Applications of stable metal isotope geochemistry - exploration and beyond....
-The Gawler Craton challenge, South Australia 
-Professional Development 2022

Link to EGRU-News-2020-July  July 2020  - issue includes

-Biotite geochemistry as an indicator of fluid conditions at the Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania - an Archaen greenstone-hosted gold deposit
-Trace elements in magnetite and pyrite from the Geita Hill gold deposit
-EGRU Online
-2019 Annual report
-Resources and Services

December 2019 newsletter.

December 2019 - issue includes

-Controls on the cassiterite crystallisation, Gejui Tin District, SW China
-New Sn % W ore exploration toolkit
-The magmatic evolution and rare metal potential of the Peak Range volcanics, central QLD
-Geology and ore genesis of the Yangibana LREE district WA
-The Jiaoxi tungsten deposit, Tibet, China
-Conferences, Short Courses and Workshops

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The Economic Geology Research Centre is turning 40!

Engagement Day

EGRU at JCU is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.  To mark the occasion the annual EGRU  Engagement Day will focus on future directions for economic geoscience, including geoscience research and data, technological developments, knowledge and skills, continuing education, and graduate requirements for professional practice.

The Engagement Day program will include presentations from Geoscience Australia, industry geoscientists, EGRU researchers, past and current EGRU board members and JCU geoscience alumni.

Full Speaker Program 01-NOV-22

Webinar Speaker Program 01-NOV-22

This is a free event and you can choose to attend in person on JCU Campus (catering included and there is a social hour at the conclusion of the talks), or online.

Register Here:

JCU Townsville Campus

Friday 04 November 2022
The Science Place
James Cook University,
Townsville - Bebegu Yumba Campus
Building 142, Room 111
9am - to 4pm approx.


Tongan volcano pumice expected to wash  up on Townsville beached this year

Dr Maree Corkeron

11 June 2022

Researchers forge path for students in STEM

Dr Melanie Finch

08 March 2022


How the continents and Earth’s oxygen are linked

Dr Alex McCoy-West

14 October 2021

JCU researcher uncovers a possible 'Jurassic Arc'

PhD Candidate Elliott Foley

12 August 2021

Radio National Interview:


After 66 million years - amazing duelling dinosaurs can be studied

Prof. Eric Roberts

01 December 2020

Rare earth metals: an untapped resource

Assoc. Prof. Carl Spandler

11 March 2020


Geologists focus on Tablelands Tin History (Atherton Tablelands Nth Qld)

Published in The Tablelander newspaper 02 July 2019