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October  2021 - issue includes

-Structural  controls applied to the evaluation of hydrothermal gold deposits
-Applications of stable metal isotope geochemistry - exploration and beyond....
-The Gawler Craton challenge, South Australia 
-Professional Development 2022

Link to EGRU-News-2020-July  July 2020  - issue includes

-Biotite geochemistry as an indicator of fluid conditions at the Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania - an Archaen greenstone-hosted gold deposit
-Trace elements in magnetite and pyrite from the Geita Hill gold deposit
-EGRU Online
-2019 Annual report
-Resources and Services

December 2019 - issue includes

-Controls on the cassiterite crystallisation, Gejui Tin District, SW China
-New Sn % W ore exploration toolkit
-The magmatic evolution and rare metal potential of the Peak Range volcanics, central QLD
-Geology and ore genesis of the Yangibana LREE district WA
-The Jiaoxi tungsten deposit, Tibet, China
-Conferences, Short Courses and Workshops

May 2019 - issue includes

-Mt Carlton high sulphidation epithermal Au-Ag-Cu deposit
-The Mt Carlton deposit - geology, alteration, mineralisation
-Distribution of Germanium, Gallium and Indium
-Indium-bearing sphalerite - a CL study
-Early Permian epithermal events in the Chillagoe district, NE Qld
-Hydrogeologic response to recent extreme rainfall in Townsville

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How the continents and Earth’s oxygen are linked

Dr Alex McCoy-West

14 October 2021

JCU researcher uncovers a possible 'Jurassic Arc'

PhD Candidate Elliott Foley

12 August 2021

Radio National Interview:


After 66 million years - amazing duelling dinosaurs can be studied

Prof. Eric Roberts

01 December 2020

Rare earth metals: an untapped resource

Assoc. Prof. Carl Spandler

11 March 2020


Geologists focus on Tablelands Tin History (Atherton Tablelands Nth Qld)

Published in The Tablelander newspaper 02 July 2019