EGRU is seeking collaboration with our industry partners and colleagues as a means of providing suitable research projects for students at Honours level.  The aim of the Honours Program in Earth Science at JCU is to:

  • instil essential research skills and develop research report writing skills
  • provide training that enhances a students depth of knowledge and employability
  • provide research outcomes for our industry collaborators.

Suitable projects are being sought for 2021 and onward.  All enquires are welcome, so if you are interested in collaborating with EGRU and JCU, please complete the following  form and we will be in contact with you.

NOTE: Suitable projects will be advertised to prospective JCU internal Honours students and externally to other AU Universities.

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Advertising All Honours research projects are advertised internally (JCU) and externally (other Universities). Please indicate if you have a preference for adverting