EGRU Research Staff

EGRU Director
Dr Ioan Sanislav Economic geology, structure and tectonics with a focus on exploration for mineral deposits, field geology and geological mapping, structural controls on mineralised systems and the interplay between tectonic process and mineralised systems. Experience in lode gold, IOCG, SEDEX, manganese and chromitite deposits as well as epithermal and porphyry systems.
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EGRU Manager
Kaylene Camuti

Over 35 years’ experience in economic geology and mineral exploration; experienced in altered and weathered mineralised systems.

Head of Geosciences
Prof. Eric Roberts

Clastic sedimentology, sedimentary provenance, core logging, stratigraphy, U-Pb zircon geochronology, petroleum geology palaeontology, regional correlation
Industry-linked research collaboration in economic geology and exploration on projects ranging from diamond exploration to petroleum geology to helium exploration.
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Academic and Research Staff
Prof. Paul Dirks

Structural geology, geodynamics and the tectonic history of cratonic terrains and adjacent mobile belts, and associated mineralisation patterns with a special interest in orogenic gold.

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Dr Huiqing (Jeffrey) Huang

Geochemistry and igneous petrology, supervision of geochemical/mineralogical processing laboratories and providing specialised technical support for staff and postgraduate students. Current research is focused on accurate and precise U-Pb dating of accessory minerals, including but not limited to titanite, rutile, monazite, and cassiterite that are directly associated with mineralisation.

Advanced Geochemical & Isotopic Services

Dr Espen Knutsen

Vertebrate palaeontology, diversity evolution and ecology of Mesozoic vertebrates.
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Dr Dafne Koutamanis Isotope geochemistry to understand how ecology – specifically diet – contributed to the evolution of now extinct fauna that lived in the same environments as hominin species. Multi-disciplinary use of geochemical techniques and my research interests extended to the application of trace elements and isotope analyses to many different fields, such as modern ecology, environmental conservation, and biomedicine.
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Dr Brandon Mahan Research and development of rapid trace element and stable isotope geochemistry protocols and workflows.
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Dr Helen McCoy-West

Economic geology, with a focus on the formation of hydrothermal ore deposits. Interested in many other aspects of economic geology, including geochemistry, ore microscopy, and ore deposition from hydrothermal fluids.  Current research is focused on the geochemistry and geochronology of rock suites and deposits in the Mt Isa Block.
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Dr Alex McCoy-West

Focuses on using a wide range of geochemical tools to understand the processes involved in the formation, differentiation and evolution of the terrestrial planets and their major geochemical reservoirs. He is a geologist and geochemist with expertise in a large range of radiogenic (Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb-Os) and novel stable (Fe, Zn, Mo, and Nd) isotope systems.
His current research focus is placing new constraints on continental emergence (when Earth's continents emerged from the ocean).
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