Research Projects List

Nth QLD Proterozoic MetallogenesisGeoscience AustraliaDR Ioan Sanislav
Dr Hoseong Lim

The Potential for Indium Mineralisation in the Herberton Mineral Field, NE QLD

Department of Resources, QLDDr Ioan Sanislav


The mineralisation potential for nickel, scandium, chromium and cobalt of ultramafic complexes in NE QueenslandDepartment of Resources, QLDDr Ioan SanislavQueensland
Seismic Interpretation Nth QLDDepartment of Resources, QLDDr Ioan SanislavQueensland
Fingerprinting Sustainable Ore IsotopesDepartment of Resources, QLDDr Alex McCoy-WestAustralia
Helium Exploration  Noble HeliumDr Eric RobertsAfrica
Continent Emergence and Climate EvolutionDECRADr Alex McCoy-West


Add Mountains and Shake; Fault and Earthquake Pattern Controls in Active  Plate BoundariesARC CollaborationDr Melanie Finch 
HB Coastal Marine Geochemistry BrasilHydrobiology Pty LtdDr Brandon MahanSth America
Cu-Zn Isotopes In Mount IsaMIM, Glencore
Department of Resources
Anglo American Exploration
Prof. Paul DirksQueensland
CU Isotope Characterisation: Mt Isa MIM, Glencore
Department of Resources, QLD
Anglo American Exploration
Dr Brandon Mahan
Mineralisation in the Mary Kathleen BeltDepartment of Resources, QLDDr Helen McCoy-WestQueensland
Gold Mineralisation in Tick HillDepartment of Resources, QLDProf. Paul DirksQueensland
Regional Mapping Around Mt Carlton Mine
Evolution MiningProf. Paul Dirks
Earthquake  Hazard Mapping QLD RailQLD RailDr James DaniellQueensland
Structural Controls at Dugald River MineMMGProf. Paul DirksQueensland

Characterising and assessing prospectivity of intrusion-related hydrothermal mineral systems in north-east Queensland

Department of ResourcesProf. Zhaoshan ChangQueensland

Geological Services, Geita Gold Mine

AngloGold Ashanti
Dr Ioan Sanislav