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Your decision matters, make your voice heard

Australia is facing a historic moment as people prepare to vote in the referendum to update the Constitution on 14 October 2023.  It is important to know the history leading to the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We need to know how Australia’s democratic processes of government work – the role of the Parliament, the Constitution, and our role as citizens in shaping the future of Australia.

Australian citizens aged 18 years and over are required to vote in the referendum. No matter who you are, what your background, or your political affiliation, your voice matters.

Your vote matters in the referendum on October 14.

Listen, learn and share:

Learn more about how to vote in a referendum on the AEC Referendum Website

Australian Electoral Commission has released a ‘Your Answers Matter – Referendum 101’ Podcasts to share unbiased information on the referendum process in the lead up to the Voice to Parliament vote on October 14. Listen now to:

  • Your Answers Matters
  • What Happens Next 

Want to know more?

Read the Uluru Dialogues FAQs

Jump onto Twitter where you will find Australia’s leading public and human rights lawyers have launched @referendumQandA where they will respond to active commentary/questions about the referendum.