Throughout the year, our team works with school groups and community organisations as well as government to promote the use of advanced IT infrastructure. We're always up for a challenge and excel at introducing new ways to tackle problems.

Hacky Hour

Sharing our digital skills to improve your science.

We run regular, no-pressure meet-up sessions on Fridays where you can ask questions and get help with technical problems in research. Maybe you've got a question about version control, programming, have a snippet of R, Python, Java or C code that you just can't get to work, or want some advice on data management or how to use the High Performance Research Computing (HPRC) system.  If that sounds like you, you're in the right spot.

We're also always on the lookout for people to help by sharing their own knowledge and skills in their areas, so even if you don't have a question, join in!


Townsville's first mobile, pop-up makerspace

The MIXHAUS offers workshops in electronics, computers, 3D printers, millers and a range of other tools to make and design your own creations.  Maker/hacker spaces are community-operated workspaces where people with common and different interests (such as computers, machining, technology, science, digital art and electronic art) can meet, create, socialise and collaborate. There are many of these spaces popping up around the country and the world, but this is the first for Townsville!  Housed in a shipping container, you can find the MIXHAUS at various events and locations around Townsville city.

The project is in partnership with James Cook University, the City Libraries Townsville, and La Luna Youth Arts, with the eResearch Centre acting as the host for the design, construction and initial fit-out.

Startup Townsville

We support the region’s leading startup-based entrepreneurship peer-group.

Members are entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals with a passion for technology, business, social causes and empowering people. They promote events such as Townsville Startup Weekend and Mentor Blaze, organise regular meetups, teach startup techniques, help entrepreneurs find investment and generally foster the local startup ecosystem.

JCU and its eResearch Centre staff helped host Townsville’s first two Startup Weekends, bringing passionate existing and potential entrepreneurs together to create real startups in 54 hours. The events featured as part of the Global Startup Battle, an epic challenge featuring more than 275 events across the world.

Innovative kids

We work with school groups year-round to get kids excited about the possibilities of eResearch.

Regular hands-on workshops help our young people see that technology is not just a game for grown-ups.  We endeavour to empower the students of today with small amounts of know-how they can use to make a real difference in their local communities today.  By doing so, we seed the passion so they grow up to solve the problems of tomorrow.