Interact with live 3D content in an immersive environment in the Vislab, supported by the JCU eResearch Centre. Whether you’re a researcher, teacher, student or an external organisation, see what you’ve been missing and discover how to integrate visualisation into your work.

The dedicated Vislab space features professional-grade 3D projection, high-performance computing, and adjustable lecture-style seating. The 4-metre 3D shows videos, 3D models, photography, medical imaging and more in crystal-clear high-definition -- with seating up to 45 people. The space is fully wired for multimedia, with 5.1 surround sound, support for 3D and 2D Blu-ray and DVD discs and live HDTV (in either 2D or 2D-to-3D). Most stereo 3D applications will work automatically with support for 3D industry standards (NVIDIA 3D Vision & OpenGL Quad-Buffered Stereo).

We also have specialised 3D-to-2D glasses for accessibility, to allow visitors to participate in the experience but without the nausea that some may feel. You can also use the Vislab for standard meetings, presentations, events showing live TV or those that need a quiet meeting space -- it's not just for 3D.

We work with…

  • Live 3D stream viewing
  • 3D Stereo video players
  • 3D Stereo photograph creators and viewers
  • ArcScene 3D Viewer
  • Google Earth (including Moon, Sky, Mars)
    • See all of the world's cities and building models
    • Explore the JCU campus in 3D!
    • Display Sketchup models
  • Geoscience Australia 3D Data Viewer
    • National data sets, mapping, terrain interpretations across Australia
  • 3DSlicer: Medical imaging and visualisation
  • OpendTect: Seismic data interpretation and viewing
  • Fledermaus: 4D geo-spatial dataset visualisation
  • Leapfrog Geo: Geological modelling software for mining

These are just the applications we've quality-assured so far. The Vislab's industry-standard support for 3D content means that applications supported by NVIDIA 3D Vision (such as data set modellers and games) will work automatically. Many other 3D applications that provide a Quad-buffered stereo mode (OpenGL & DirectX) will also work just by enabling this setting.

Want to make a booking or request a demonstration? We can also provide training and support for use of the space. Nominal booking charges may apply, depending on requirements and level of support required.

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