Vet and Biomedical Bundle Projects


New Veterinary and Biomedical Science Administration Building

James Cook University gained funding from the Commonwealth Government (TLC) towards the construction of a new Necropsy building and JCU contributed additional funding for the construction of the new Administration building, laboratory space in the new Pathology/Necropsy building and renovations to Veterinary and Biomedical Science building (building 94) ground floor into new office space. In conjunction with these projects funding was allocated for a new 350 car park and infrastructure requirements to service the new building.

The new Necropsy building is sited to the eastern side of the Veterinary and Anatomy building and the new Administration building is sited to the western end of the Veterinary and Biomedical building (Building 94).

The buildings are now complete and have been handed over to JCU; a 52 week defects period has now commenced.

The project facilitates construction of new facilities for the Veterinary and Biomedical requirements, which included

  • Pig Shed

  • Pathology

  • Teaching Laboratories

  • 80+ seat flexible flat floor teaching space

  • Additional office space

  • Post Mortem facility

  • Café

  • 350 car park and pedestrian bridge




27 July 2012

Practical Completion has now been achieved and a 52 week defects period has commenced.

building 108.jpg

Veterinary and Biomedical Science New Pathology/Necropsy and Lab Building

Information will be provided on this webpage from time to time on relocations and disruptions/movement around the site area when construction is imminent.