JCU Townsville Campus Parking

JCU Townsville Campus Parking

JCU Townsville provides a system of free and paid permit parking.

Peak parking demand occurs during early semester and the availability of parking spaces is limited during this period. Campus visitors are encouraged to make use of public transport, cycling and carpooling to reduce parking pressure during these peak demand times.

Enquiries regarding permit parking at JCU Townsville may be forwarded by email to parking@jcu.edu.au.

Parking permits for 2018

There is no change to the permit system currently operating at the Townsville campus. See Townsville Parking Permit Types to identify the most suitable permit for your vehicle and for relevant application forms.

New vPermit system in 2019

The introduction of a new vPermit (virtual permit) is scheduled for 2019 at the Townsville campus. The same system will be rolled out in February 2018 at the Cairns campus. For further information about the vPermit, see vPermit Parking at JCU Cairns.