Townsville Campus Parking Zones

Paid parking will apply to all vehicles in permit areas between 8AM and 5PM Monday to Friday. Look for signs at the entrance of each car park.

Available bays will be difficult to locate in early semester. Please consider alternative transport options during these peak times.

Parking zones and fee breakdown

Please note, parking areas shown on the campus map will be updated shortly. Please adhere to car park signage and road markings at all times.

Download Townsville Campus Parking Zones Map   (PDF, 698 KB)

White zone

Indicated by white line markings, or unsealed areas.

Availability forParking zone signsFee breakdown




All Day

Students 25c/hour capped at $1 per session

Staff 25c/hour

Visitor 25c/hour

Green zone

Indicated by green line markings.

Availability forParking zone signsFee breakdown




4 hours maximum between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

One 4-hour parking session per day in green zone car parks.

Students 25c/hour

Staff 25c/hour

Visitor 25c/hour

Yellow zone

  • Premium Paid Parking
  • vPermits cannot be used in this area
  • All sessions must be registered on Cellopark app regardless of the length of stay
  • Indicated by yellow line markings
Availability forParking zone signsFee breakdown




Using Cellopark App


$1/hour uncapped

Stays of less than 30 minutes are free.

Disability parking spaces

Designated parking spaces are reserved at a number of campus locations for vehicles of people with mobility disability.

vPermits do not apply to disability parking spaces on campus, and there is no annual fee payable.

To use a disability parking space, vehicles must display the Australian Disability Parking Permit. For eligibility information or to apply for a disability parking permit, visit the Queensland Government website.

Motorcycles and scooters

Motorcycles and scooters should be parked in designated Motorcycle zones. vPermits do not apply to Motorcycle zones and no annual fee is payable.

Service Vehicle bays

All Service Vehicle bays are valid for contractor parking.

Contractors should liaise with Project Managers to determine if dedicated parking areas are required or available for construction projects.

A contractor parking fee of $110 per year may be applicable for parking in service bays.

Residential colleges

Residential colleges have their own permit system. Only residents and college staff with valid permits are permitted to park in residential college car parks.

Event parking

Event parking will be determined based on event size and timing.

For event parking enquiries and support, please contact