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Mon, 23 Jul 2018

Subject Coordinators Essentials Online Modules


When: 23 July 18 -- 30 November 18

Where: Online

This course is designed to enable Subject Coordinators to fulfil their core responsibilities as outlined in the JCU Charter of Responsibilities for Academic Quality and Governance.

In particular, the five modules will work towards supporting Subject Coordinators to:

  1. Comply with external regulatory frameworks and institutional policies, procedures and standards, relating to the design, delivery and assurance of the subject.
  2. Apply learning and teaching standards in the design of course content and learning experiences within LearnJCU.
  3. Design high-quality assessment, feedback and moderation strategies, which are aligned across subject attendance modes, campuses and/or study periods.
  4. Engage with professional staff and data on the student experience of learning and teaching to support student retention and success in the subject.
  5. Provide leadership for staff teaching in the subject, including sessional staff, and manage requests relating to subject information and material requirements.

The Subject Coordinator Essentials is undertaken in the Ultra environment in LearnJCU. Once Subject Coordinators register for the course, they will be added to the LearnJCU site. They can then access the ‘Subject Coordinator Essentials’ course from their LearnJCU Current Subjects listing page and the ‘Getting Started’ folder under Subject Content.

The course design recognises that Subject Coordinators are very busy. The course is entirely self-paced and self-directed. The content is intentionally delivered in bite size chunks. Subject Coordinators can quickly skip over material that they are familiar with and spend more time with less familiar content. In all, the course is designed to take 5-10 hours.

There is only one formal assessment task – a 25 question quiz. The quiz draws questions directly from the formative quizzes that are located at the end of every module. Subject Coordinators have until 30 November, 2018 to complete the Course Quiz.

It is the intention for the Subject Coordinator Essentials Online course to be run in SP1 and SP2 of every year to allow for just-in-time support for Subject Coordinators. For currency, it is recommended that Subject Coordinators undertake this course every 3 years. If you undertook the Subject Coordinator Essentials workshop in either SP2-2016 or SP1-2017, it is recommended that you undertake this course in 2019/2020. However, it is acknowledged that there has been richer content development for the online version and you may well benefit from joining the course this Study Period.

Please register via the online registration form to participate in this online offering and provide your JCU login ID (not your password) in the 'Other details' field so you can be added to the access list. You will be notified once access has been established.

Contact Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement if you require more information.