Events 2018 March Free Voice Screenings for JCU Staff and Students

Mon, 19 Feb 2018

Free Voice Screenings for JCU Staff and Students


When: 19 February 18 -- 25 May 18

Where: Speech Pathology Clinic, Clinical Practice Building | Townsville Campus

In your current or future professions, it’s likely that you will depend on your voice. If you don’t use it well, you risk losing your voice or having ongoing difficulties with your voice. JCU speech pathology students are offering to screen your voice and provide you with advice about good voice use and potential lifestyle factors that may reduce the risk of developing voice disorders.

What will the speech pathology students offer?

Two speech pathology students will work with you for approximately 30 minutes. They will ask some questions about you and your voice, and will also listen to your voice. This will enable them to create a profile of how efficiently you use your voice. Once this is complete they’ll give you appropriate feedback and advice. The students will then discuss whether referral to speech pathology or ENT etc. is recommended.

Cost: Free

Contact details:

If you’d like to have your voice screened so you can use it to your advantage, please email