TLJV Science with Sushi Seminar

Events 2018 March TLJV Science with Sushi Seminar


Tue, 13 Mar 2018

TLJV Science with Sushi Seminar

Townsville, Cairns

When: 13 March 18, 12pm -- 1pm

Where: At James Cook University
Room 145.030, Building 145 - Australian Tropical Science and Innovation Precinct, Townsville Campus
Room D003.003, Building D3 - The Cairns Institute, Cairns Campus (via video link)

Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture with Sushi Seminar Series

From genes to landscape: the potential of landscape genetics for eco-evolutionary research

A presentation by

Dr Catarina Silva - JCU Centre for Sustainable Fisheries & Aquaculture


Landscape genetics is a rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field that integrates population genetics, landscape ecology, and spatial analytical techniques to measure the effects of landscape composition on evolutionary processes, such as gene flow and selection. By relating neutral and adaptive genetic data to landscape structure we can better understand the degree to which landscapes facilitate the movement and adaptation of organisms. With increasingly faster rates of environmental change and landscape fragmentation, it is important to understand how these patterns affect the persistence of populations and ecological communities. This seminar aims to provide an overview on how landscape genetics can be used for tracking these issues, outlining types of molecular and environmental data available for landscape/seascape genetic studies, general study design considerations, modelling approaches, challenges and applications.

This event is free of charge. No RSVP required.

Contact details:

Diane Jarvis | or 4781 6023

Jane Addison | or 4781 4506