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Thu, 25 Oct 2018

JCU Inspiration on Tap

JCU Inspiration on Tap - Public Lecture Series

When: 25 October 18, 6pm -- 7:30pm

Where: Shaw & Co, 383 Flinders St, Townsville City

Come along and be inspired as JCU’s top researchers and academics share their expertise with the local community outside of the lecture theatre.

There will be two topics presented on the night. These include:

It might be hot but it helps

In recent times, sporting teams have ventured overseas to attend altitude training camps in order to increase their potential to perform better. Could simply training in a tropical environment like Townsville increase athletic performance?

Presented by Wade Sinclair

Mediating Witchcraft and Adultery? Adapting mediation practices when working across cultures

Claire will discuss her time working as a Mediation Specialist on the Thailand/Myanmar border in refugee camps and assisting the camp leaderships to develop an appropriate mediation process for their context.

Presented by Claire Holland

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