JCU Events Celebrating Excellence in Learning and Teaching at JCU

JCU Events

Thu, 4 Oct 2018

Celebrating Excellence in Learning and Teaching at JCU

Townsville, Cairns

When: 4 October 18, 2:30pm -- 4:30pm

Where: At James Cook University
Room 111, Building 142 - The Science Place, Townsville Campus
Room 063, Building D3 - The Cairns Institute, Cairns Campus (via video link)

We extend a warm welcome to all JCU staff to show your support to the recipients of these important awards as we strive for excellence in learning and teaching.

This year we are combining three separate Awards as we celebrate Learning and Teaching at JCU, these being the Inclusive Practice Acknowledgement Awards, the Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, and the JCU Sessional Teaching Awards.

Inclusive Practice Acknowledgement Awards

These awards recognise interactions with students that are flexible, consultative, proactive and/or innovative. AccessAbility Services is a confidential support service for all students who identify with temporary or permanent injury, disability, illness or a health condition. Students who register with AccessAbility Services nominate JCU staff members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to helping them achieve positive learning experiences and campus experiences in general.

Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

JCU values excellence in teaching and learning practice through awarding Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning annually. Citations recognise and reward the diverse contributions that individuals and teaching teams make to the quality of student learning in a specific area of responsibility over a sustained period. This year, five Citations (valued at $4,000 each) were awarded across the Townsville and Cairns campuses.

Please join us as we recognise these staff members for their achievements. We will also be announcing the citation that is considered to have made the most outstanding contribution to student learning with an additional $4,000 to support further professional development.

Sessional Teaching Awards

The JCU Sessional Teaching Awards recognise the significant contributions made by sessional staff to the teaching and learning community of JCU. These awards are an initiative of the Division of Student Life, and are facilitated by the Directorate of Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement. The Awards are valued at $1,000 each.

Please join us to show your support for the sessional staff in your College as we announce this year's successful nominees.

Light refreshments will be provided after the award ceremony in Cairns and Townsville.

Please register to attend this event for catering purposes and don’t forget to add it to your diary.

Date/Time: Thursday 4 October 2018 / 2:30PM-4:30PM AEST

  • CAIRNS – The Cairns Institute, building D3, Room 063
  • TOWNSVILLE – The Science Place, building 142, Room 111

A Virtual Meeting Room will be available via Zoom to enable all staff at our other study centres to attend as required. All parties will need to dial into the Zoom Bridge and details will be provided for the event upon registration.

For more information contact ltse@jcu.edu.au