JCU Events AITHM Seminar: Daintree Ulcer

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Thu, 21 Feb 2019

AITHM Seminar: Daintree Ulcer

Townsville, Cairns

When: 21 February 19, 2pm -- 3pm

Where: At James Cook University
Room 48.202, Building 48 - AITHM, Townsville Campus
Room D003.003, Building D3 - The Cairns Institute, Cairns Campus

Research update on Daintree ulcer

Professor John McBride will be presenting the finds and data on Mycobacterium ulcerans, better known in Australia as the Daintree ulcer. There have been several reported cases in the Cairns region at the end of 2018 causing media attention around the 'flesh' eating bacteria. The toxins made by the bacteria destroy skin cells, small blood vessels, and the fat under the skin, which causes ulceration and skin loss.  Since the ulcer gets larger with time, early diagnosis and prompt treatment can minimise skin loss. The bacteria, which occurs naturally in the environment, has been detected in mosquitoes, vegetation, and possum faeces. There is evidence to suggest that mosquito may be the vector for transmission.

About Prof John McBride

Prof John McBride is an Infectious Diseases Physician and Clinical Microbiologist. He is a Professor of Medicine at the Cairns Hospital Clinical School. Prof McBride has major interests in the Tropical Infectious Diseases of north Queensland and the Western Pacific. After training in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology in Adelaide he completed a PhD on dengue fever in Townsville before moving to Cairns. Other areas of interest include HIV in PNG and the role of male circumcision in its prevention, rickettsial infections, Leptospirosis, thermal scanning for fever, fever surveillance and the hunt for new pathogens.

More information: https://www.aithm.jcu.edu.au/aithm-seminars-prof-john-mcbride-daintree-ulcer/