JCU Events CASE Studies Research Seminar

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Thu, 13 Jun 2019

CASE Studies Research Seminar

Townsville, Cairns

When: 13 June 19, 10am -- 12pm

Where: At James Cook University
Room 9.001, Building 9 - Multi-purpose Building 1 and Audio Visual Services, Townsville Campus
Room A3.002, Building A3 - Crowther Theatres, Cairns Campus (via video link)

JCU College of Arts, Society and Education is hosting a series of seminars around the theme of 'Violence'. The idea is to explore ideas that are common across many of our research areas. All staff and students are welcome to join the conversations. There will be drinks and nibbles provided.

Research Capacity Building and Beneficence in Indigenous Research

Presented by Associate Processor Grace Sarra and Dr Marnee Shay

National Indigenous research ethical frameworks were developed to guide researchers on how to conduct ethical research with Indigenous peoples. Principles such as collaboration, respect, relationships and beneficence underpin the guidelines for any researcher who is conducting research on or with Indigenous peoples. The guidelines are critical in addressing the harm research has done to many Indigenous peoples and communities who were often the objectified, misrepresented and subjectified by predominantly non-Indigenous researchers.

In an increasingly fiscal and time poor research environment, many of the important principles outlined in these ethical frameworks are difficult to apply in practice. Time restraints, funding shortages and a push for fast turn- around research presents challenges to researchers who want to ensure that research is principally of benefit to Indigenous peoples.

Our Indigenous-led study focused on Indigenous youth identity, wellbeing and schooling over three-years, and was funded by the Lowitja Institute. When designing the study, we included specific opportunities to capacity build and develop Indigenous peoples involved at all levels of the project. This workshop will share some of strategies we used to achieve this, such as the appointment of local Indigenous researchers (LIRs) at each site and the research development activities implemented to support the LIRs.

This workshop will be conducted as a yarning circle for any researcher who does Indigenous focused research and would like to share ideas about ways to incorporate Indigenous research capacity building into their research design.