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Thu, 27 Jun 2019

JCU Inspiration on Tap


When: 27 June 19, 6:30pm -- 8pm

Where: Moss on Wood, 64 Wood St, Mackay

Come along and be inspired as JCU’s top researchers and academics share their expertise with the local community outside of the lecture theatre.

There will be two topics presented on the night. These include:

An Exploration of Clinical Leadership in Nursing

Nurses provide leadership at various levels throughout healthcare organisations as Directors of Nursing, Chief Nursing Officers, as well as clinical leaders at a unit level. Existing research into nursing leadership has mainly focused on transformational and transactional forms of leadership, which has been at the expense of exploring more contemporary forms of leadership. Therefore this research project explored the use of transformational, transactional, distributed and hybrid leadership styles used by Registered Nurses in the clinical area.

Presented by Dr Maude Chapman

The Seat of the Problem

Beyond discomfort, poor seating causes serious health problems – in particular for patients with physical disability. Developing customised seating designed to reduce patient risk of pressure ulcers requires not only experience, but the most advanced scientific methods.

Presented by Dr Gunther Paul

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