JCU Events Innovation for Employability Workshop

JCU Events

Tue, 12 Mar 2019

Innovation for Employability Workshop


When: 12 March 19, 5:30pm -- 7:30pm

Where: At James Cook University
Building 142 - The Science Place, Townsville Campus

The Innovation for Employability Workshop in Townsville brought to you by gen[in], BOP Industries and Be Social. Be Smart.

Hosted by James Cook University, this workshop combines the power of personal branding, design technology and entrepreneurship, to help enhance your employability skills. This 2 hour experience will take you through a journey of learning, where you will discover the importance of personal branding, networking, design and entrepreneurship. We will make sure you walk away with a suite of skills as well as a feeling of empowerment to find and/or create your very own employment opportunities.

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