JCU Events AITHM Seminar: Misadventures in Environmental Policy

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Thu, 16 May 2019

AITHM Seminar: Misadventures in Environmental Policy

Townsville, Cairns

When: 16 May 19, 3pm -- 4pm

Where: At James Cook University
Room 48.202, Building 48 - AITHM, Townsville Campus

Where: Cairns E5.101 via Zoom Meeting ID: 787 411 820

Misadventures in environmental policy: Mountaintop mining and what comes after

Presented by Professor Michael Hendryx

The presentation will review studies conducted by the speaker on associations between public health and surface coal mining. Particular attention will be paid to evidence for adverse public health in relation to a type of surface mining practiced in the United States, namely mountaintop removal. Findings from epidemiological studies document disease risk for populations living in proximity to surface mining. Environmental evidence indicates that surface waters are impaired by mountaintop removal, while other environmental studies have shown water and air pollution exist in residential areas close to mining. Possible similarities to surface coal mining in Australia will be briefly addressed.

About the Presenter

Michael Hendryx, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, School of Public Health, Indiana University, USA. Much of his recent work has documented public health disparities for people who live near surface coal mining operations. He is also currently a Fulbright Distinguished Chair at the University of Newcastle, working at the Priority Research Centre on Generational Health and Ageing on studies of women’s health across the lifespan in relation to social, lifestyle and environmental risks.

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