JCU Events Dentistry CPD Series: Interpreting & diagnosing everyday problems from everyday radiographs

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Thu, 16 May 2019

Dentistry CPD Series: Interpreting & diagnosing everyday problems from everyday radiographs


When: 16 May 19, 9am -- 1pm

Where: At James Cook University
Room D3.144, Building D3 - The Cairns Institute, Cairns Campus

Dental radiographs have been a valuable diagnostic tool in the dentist’s armamentarium and are commonly being used in various dental practices across Australia. A successful and systematic approach to radiographic interpretation depends on thorough understanding of normal radiographic anatomy of the head and neck. Dental radiographs are very useful in evaluating the pathologies affecting the jaw bones and teeth, developmental disorders of jaws, foreign bodies, trauma, cysts and tumours etc. Soft tissue calcifications are relatively common and are detected on routine panoramic radiographs. Dental practitioners should be aware of all the above pathologies, especially those associated with systemic illnesses so that they can timely refer the patients to the respective specialists.

Clinicians are responsible for reviewing the entire image, and when anomalies are detected, must determine the appropriate course of action. Advanced radiological or other examinations can be performed for comparison, periodic follow up, management and research purposes. Knowledge acquired through experience and keeping abreast of the literature is helpful when arriving at an accurate diagnosis.

This presentation highlights variety of oral and dental pathologies (which are illustrated by classic examples and are exclusively Radiology related) that general practitioners (in Australia) usually encounter. There are few brain teasing cases which resembled a wide variety of conditions that led to misdiagnosis both on clinical and radiological examination but turned out completely different on histopathological examination. The lecture will also outline the basic steps the clinicians must consider to continually refine their diagnostic skills and knowledge of anatomy in order to formulate a differential diagnosis. At the end of 3 hour lecture, we will have an hour hands-on type workshop/two way conversation between the presenter and the delegates.

Presented by Dr Amar Sholapurkar

CPD Points: 4

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