JCU Events 2019 Courtenary Lecture

JCU Events

Thu, 17 Oct 2019

2019 Courtenary Lecture


When: 17 October 19, 5:30pm -- 7pm

Where: At James Cook University
Room 054, Building D3 - The Cairns Institute, Cairns Campus

After the Generations Wars: Building a better future for the young people

Today we make sense of young people’s actions and hopes through the avocado coloured lens of generation conflict. Gen Z and the Millennials are claimed to be focused on the short term, expecting too much from previous generations and blowing their future house deposits on fancy breakfasts. Young people are coming of age in changing times but the generational stereotypes of the young (and the old) are unfair. Drawing on the Life Patterns study that has followed two generations of Australian youth through their young adult lives, this presentation will highlight the challenges and opportunities that are shaping the lives of young Australians and what likely lies in store for the generation coming after them. Attitudes towards education, employment and relationships differentiate young people today from the generations that came before but shared values concerning friendship, family and security can create ties across the generations, through which a better future for all generations can hopefully be forged.

Presenter: Dr Dan Woodman

Dr Dan Woodman is TR Ashworth Associate Professor of Sociology and Deputy Head of the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. He is the current President of The Australian Sociological Association. Dan is co-Chief Investigator on the Life Patterns project, one of the largest and longest studies of young lives, tracking two generations of young Australians to adulthood. He is co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Youth Studies and is turned to as an expert commentator on generations by journalists around the world. As well as writing op-eds on generational change and the future work for the Australian, the Age, Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian, he has been interviewed for and featured in articles in New Scientist (UK); the Star Tribune, (USA); The Times (UK) and El Pais (Spain) among many others. He has featured on ABC radio over 50 times, including as a regular contributor to ABC Overnights and the Myf Warhurst show.

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