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Thu, 3 Oct 2019

ABS Datalab Training


When: 3 October 19, 8:45am -- 1pm

Where: At James Cook University
Room B1.104, Building B1 - Library, Cairns Campus

The ABS provide datasets for a wide range of topics including health, education, labour force, migrants, crime, business, disabilities, ageing and carers. Access to Detailed Microdata and Expanded CURF data is available from the ABS Datalab.

The DataLab is the data analysis solution for high-end users who want to undertake interactive (real time) complex analysis of microdata. Within the DataLab, users can view and analyse unit record information using up to date analytical software with no code restrictions, while the files remain in the secure ABS environment. All analytical outputs are checked by the ABS before being provided to the researcher.

To register for this session you must have Statistical experience
Users must have sufficient knowledge, experience and statistical capability necessary for handling information, as well as a commitment to protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of data. This may be through statistical qualifications or research experience.

Before attending the session you must:

  • Have experience in statistical analytical languages: 
    DataLab users must be experienced in one of the analytical languages available within the DataLab. If clients do not have knowledge of these analytical languages, they are advised to seek guidance and expertise within their organisation prior to using microdata. The DataLab environment contains up to date versions of SAS, SPSS, Stata and R analytical languages.

Please ensure that you arrive on time for the session. Any person arriving more than 15 minutes after the start of the session will not be admitted.

This training is open to all staff and HDR students.
* Please note that travel to a capital city may be required to access data in the Datalab environment once you have completed the training.

For those who need statistical analytical language training, online tutorials can be found on LinkedInLearning.com

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