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Thu, 12 Sep 2019

JCU Inspiration on Tap


When: 12 September 19, 6:30pm -- 8pm

Where: Heritage Exchange, 151 Flinders St, Townsville QLD 4810

How can humanoid robots transform health care? What stories are hidden in the street names of our town?

Find out at Inspiration on Tap, where JCU’s world-class researchers discuss their work in a relaxed and fun environment.

Robots in Healthcare: The pulling power of Pepper

In 2018, a research team from Townsville Hospital and JCU conducted the first study in Australia of a social humanoid robot named Pepper providing health information in an acute health setting. Professor Cate Nagle will describe the findings from this innovative exercise from the perspectives of patients, visitors and health professionals.

Flinders isn’t just a street: Street-naming and historical narrative in Townsville’s geography

How do the names of Townsville’s streets tell the story of the city and Australia? Dr Bryan Smith will explain how the story told through the city’s street names needs critical consideration, particularly given the emphasis on certain people and events to the exclusion of others.

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