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Wed, 28 Jul 2021

JCU Inspiration on Tap


When: 28 July 2021, 6:30pm -- 8pm

Where: Salt House, Marina Point, 6/2 Pier point Road, Cairns City

JCU’s Inspiration on Tap is taking a fresh look at storms, healing, and the judicial system.

Find out how sharing our stories can help us heal from pain and trauma, and evaluate the treatment of Indigenous offenders within the legal and federal systems.

Cyclone Country: How writing can heal

Can writing about a traumatic experience help people heal? Dr Chrystopher Spicer believes that sharing stories of pain can help people connect with each other and recover from trauma. In his book, Cyclone Country, Chrystopher explores how sharing stories of experiencing extreme weather events provides opportunities to find healing from pain and to move forward as individuals and as communities.

The Violence of Indigenous Incarceration

What happens behind the scenes of the legal and federal systems? JCU PhD Candidate, Kirstie Broadfield, sought to answer this question through interviewing Indigenous former offenders about their experience with the Australian legal and federal systems. In her presentation, Kirstie will share her passion for giving voice to offenders' experiences and highlight the importance of culturally relevant justice and rehabilitation. Gain insight into the life of a former offender and be prepared to ask the question: is our justice system just?

More information: To register for this event and reserve your free seat, click here. This is a COVID safe event and registration confirmation is required to be shown on the evening.
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