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Wed, 27 Jul 2022

JCU Inspiration on Tap

When: 27 July 2022, 6:30pm -- 8pm

Where: Salt House, Marina Point, 6/2 Pier point Road, Cairns City

Gather your network together to be inspired as JCU’s top researchers and academics share their expertise in a relaxed and fun environment.

About this event

From canines to concrete, JCU’s Inspiration on Tap is taking you on a tour of our natural and built environments. Hear from Associate Professor Matt Field, as he discusses the evolutionary span of dingoes and what it can tell us about domestic dogs. Join Associate Professor Lisa Law as she re-imagines our urban waterways to enhance our tropical cities.

From wolf to chihuahua: New research reveals where the dingo sits on the evolutionary timeline of dogs

Thousands of years ago, dingoes were separated from all other dogs and have continued to evolve within Australia’s unique landscape. Associate Professor Matt Field as he discusses the evolutionary timeline of dingoes and how their unique genome — somewhere between a wolf and the modern domestic dog — can help us better understand our four-legged friends.

Urban stormwater and the Great Barrier Reef: Why we should stop building concrete drains

Concrete may have taken over our urban waterways and stormwater systems as an efficient way to direct drainage, but it comes at the cost of our natural environment. What if there was a better way to design them? Associate Professor Lisa Law as she explores how re-imagining our urban waterways could provide refuge for wildlife, enhance biodiversity, keep our cities cool, and make Cairns a healthier, more attractive place to live.

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Nibbles will be provided on the evening.

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