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Thu, 13 Oct 2022

JCU Inspiration on Tap

When: 13 October 2022, 6:30pm -- 8pm

Where: Heritage Exchange, 151 Flinders St, Townsville QLD 4810

Gather your network together to be inspired as JCU’s top researchers and academics share their expertise in a relaxed and fun environment.

About this event

Wrestling with conflict? Wondering about well-being in older age? JCU’s Inspiration on Tap will quench your thirst for discussion as two of our lecturers, Claire Holland and Amanda Krause, share how their research is changing relationships at home and in the workplace.

To Resolve, or Resign Yourself? Dealing with Long-Term Conflicts and Disputes

Imagine a group of colleagues deeply divided over mandatory vaccination policies; political parties disagreeing over climate change; or other conflicts that cannot always be resolved quickly, completely, or even at all. The global crises of the past decade, as well as the change in individual lifestyles, present many opportunities for sustained conflict, whether it be interpersonal, in the workplace or between family members. Join Senior Lecturer Claire Holland who will discuss the options around 'staying with conflict' overtime and how to handle it in a sustainable and constructive way.

Bringing back the radio star: Promoting well-being in older age

Radio has been shown to act as a social surrogate - even if listening alone, it engenders feelings of company, comfort, and companionship. Australia’s ageing population presents both opportunities and challenges for individuals, their families and society as they attempt to manage the burden of care. As a long-standing, easy-to-use, non-pharmacological tool, the radio has great potential to positively impact quality of older life. Lecturer Amanda Krause will provide an overview of emerging evidence concerning the role of the radio in promoting well-being. Discussion will also focus on how to support effective everyday engagement for enhancing quality of later life for adults living at home, in the community and in aged-care.

Nibbles will be provided on the evening.

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