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Thu, 6 Apr 2023

JCU Inspiration on Tap

When: 6 April 2023, 6:30pm -- 8pm

Where: Heritage Exchange, 151 Flinders Street, Townsville

Gather your network together to be inspired as JCU’s top researchers and academics share their expertise in a relaxed and fun environment.

About this event

From the tech that equips research to fly high to observing the mystery of stingrays along the Great Barrier Reef, learn about the diverse conservation research happening at JCU when you attend Inspiration on Tap.

Stingrays: super dangerous or super interesting?

Although perceived as dangerous since Steve Irwin’s death in 2006, only five stingray-caused deaths have ever been reported in Australia and fewer than 20 worldwide. Find out what JCU PhD Candidate Jaelen Myers has learned through studying these misunderstood creatures to discover how to better support their conservation.

Flying into innovative opportunities

Flying high has great applications for both research and for recreation, and JCU PhD Candidate Sophie Walker is exploring how drones can also benefit conservation efforts. Learn about Sophie’s investigation into the barriers of using drones innovatively and creatively in both research and non-research communities.

Nibbles will be provided on the evening.

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