Supervising Underperformance and Addressing Conduct/Professional Concerns

Key Information


6th March 2024

9am - 5pm




Research and Industry

This workshop focuses on key topics related to supervising underperformance and addressing conduct and/or professional concerns. This workshop is designed to encourage participants to engage with the following three topics through peer discussion, vignettes and role plays: identifying and understanding the underperformance of a supervisee; supervising the underperformance of a supervisee; and addressing conduct or professional concerns. Competence and skills related to each topic will be covered. The content is covered within the relational context of the supervisory relationship.

This is a live delivery online Masterclass (using Zoom) that will require you to have video and audio for the duration of the workshop. The workshop is delivered utilising a peer learning model, so bring your examples and questions along to discuss on the day.

This workshop is designed for experienced professional/clinical supervisors of allied health professionals who want to refresh their skills in this area, or for psychologists who have to meet the requirements of the Board to retain their Board approval to supervise

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