Events 2017 September 2017 Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture Science with Sushi Seminar

Tue, 26 Sep 2017

Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture Science with Sushi Seminar


When: 26 September 17, 12pm

Where: At James Cook University
Room 145.030, Building 145 - Australian Tropical Science and Innovation Precinct, Townsville Campus

Sloppy kisses, juvenile abduction and 50 million year old cousins: Three approaches to understanding coral reef fishes

A presentation by
Robert Streit, Victor Huertas, Christopher Hemingson
JCU PhD Students - Reef Fish Ecology and Evolution

Tropical coral reef fishes look good and taste good. But they are also fine-tuned machines that shape what coral reefs looked like in the past, what they look like today and – critically – what reefs will look like in the future. In three short presentations, we will give an overview of current research in our group, the reef fish ecology and evolution lab. Working on scales from a few micrometers to thousands of kilometers, we will present three very different approaches to trying to uncover how fishes are built, what they do and how they shape the reef around them. We will provide a very intimate look at fish lips, follow adolescent fishes trying to find their way back home and will unravel whether it’s your ancestry or your neighborhood that defines your job – if you’re a fish.

Venue: James Cook University Townsville - ATSIP Seminar Room, Building 145, Room 030

Video-link: James Cook University Cairns - The Cairns Institute, Building D003, Room 003 (ground floor)

This event is free of charge. No RSVP required.

Contact details:

Diane Jarvis - or 4781 6023

Jane Addison - or 4781 4506