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2019 Last Lecture

Stressed?  It’s more than just “desserts” spelled backwards

Presented by Dr David Simcock

Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, College of Public Health, Medicine and Veterinary Sciences

We have all experienced the feeling of stress, but stress is more than just an emotion.  It can alter not just your outlook on life but also your resistance to disease, how your body processes food, your body shape and even how much you grow as a child.

JCU’s Dr David Simcock describes how hormones in your body regulate its response to stressful experiences.  Find out why the actions of these hormones mean you have a set physical response to stress.  Discover the startling consequences which occur if our bodies either overproduce the hormones controlling our stress response, or if they don’t produce them at all.

Watch recording: https://youtu.be/cfCVDq8Qe_c