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2015 Last Lecture

Celebrating the end of the academic year

A humanistic approach to educating our next generation of ‘crime fighters’

Presented by Dr Mark David Chong

Lecturer, Social Sciences - College of Arts, Society and Education

If we want to live in a community that is not only safe, but also allows for its members to flourish and grow, we need the right education for our future ‘crime fighters’ – including the police, and those in corrections, probation, parole, child protection, crime prevention and youth justice.

‘Crime fighting’ professionals require mental and physical fortitude, emotional resilience, a quick intellect for problem-solving, a sound grounding in criminological theories, high moral standards, and the ability to empathise with victims of crime, as well as some offenders who may themselves be victims, in one sad way or another.

Dr Chong will outline how a humanistic teaching philosophy allows for a more effective transmission of knowledge and skills, as well as the values, attitudes, and an appropriate ethos necessary for our criminal justice professionals.