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2017 Last Lecture

Haemorrhage and Trauma Care in the Tropics: Applying the Lessons of War

Presented by Professor Geoffrey Dobson
Professorial Chair - College of Medicine and Dentistry

Time is a killer. Every second counts when somebody has suffered a traumatic injury and is losing blood. These injuries can be fatal in regional, rural or remote communities due to limited access to healthcare and the tyranny of distance.

While they might not be able to stop time, JCU’s Professor Geoffrey Dobson and his team are working on a solution to slow down the impact of traumatic injuries.

In this talk, Professor Dobson will explain the work they are doing with the US Special
Operations Command and US Navy to develop a new ultra-small volume resuscitation fluid for cata-strophic blood loss, shock and traumatic brain injury.

The new fluid therapy could be used to treat a range of traumatic injuries from farm and road acci-dents to women suffering post-partum haemorrhage. The fluid therapy could be the difference between life and death for people who suffer traumatic injuries in isolated communities.