Key Topics

Natural resource managers, environmental scientists, design engineers and other practitioners are increasingly required to address aquatic fauna connectivity issues and provide for fish passage at small waterway structures (for example: culverts, causeways, grade control).

These design practitioners and managers often face the challenge of how best to incorporate fish passage provisions with other multipurpose design requirements for the structures (for example: transport, drainage function, amenity and environmental values). Important questions posed in road and waterway projects often include:

  • how to integrate fish passage planning and design within other project activities
  • which mitigation measures are appropriate to meet fish passage requirements
  • and how these measures are performing over time

Agency personnel, consultants, contractors and others are not likely to have the expertise required to undertake all aspects of this work. Their expertise will lie in particular areas or resource or infrastructure management / planning / design / construction, and they should seek specialist input on the relevant aspects of fish passage planning and design.

Practitioners and managers will often develop a working knowledge of many aspects of aquatic fauna connectivity and fish passage planning and design for waterway structures. Understanding of the following key topics will assist in these endeavours: