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Our central location and industry-standard management of cattle represent commercial properties in the region.

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Associate Professor John Cavalieri

Associate Professor John Cavaleiri is leading the way with research in reproduction monitoring and artificial insemination research.

During breeding and birthing season, you'll find Associate Professor Cavaleiri and his team out at Fletcherview Research Station working with the herd on their projects..

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Interested in a placement or internship on our property? You'll gain valuable real-world skills and have an on-the-job experience like no other. We can also help facilitate your veterinary placement.

We're also seeking volunteers, particularly those with knowledge of the local area.

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Fletcherview is more than just James Cook University.  We're here to work with you as a private cattle property and can help you through using our herd, paddocks and facilities.

  • Livestock and diverse landscapes in close proximity
  • Located near key regional centres
  • Scale to fit your research and small intense studies
  • Streamlined approvals and management processes
  • We work with Government, cross-institution projects and commercial entities

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