Conference Symposia

Plenary Speakers

Richard Sillitoe - Exploration in and under lithocaps

Dan Wood -  Mining Industry Overview: Growth in resources demand post-WW2 and future exploration implications

David Groves Symposium: New Insights in Mineral Deposit Understanding

Zhaoshan Chang


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With the increasing world population and living standards, the demand for minerals and energy resources continues to grow.  Further exploration will need to target resources at increasing depths and areas with cover. Such challenges require improved understanding of mineral systems and better exploration methods. This symposium, in honour of Professor David Groves, will highlight recent developments in the understanding of major types of mineral deposits, and their physical and chemical controls.

Confirmed Speakers

Richard Goldfarb (SEG Keynote)Orogenic Au deposits
David Leach (SGA Keynote)SEDEX deposits
David Cooke (Keynote)Porphyry deposits
Larry Meinert (Keynote)Skarn deposits
Noel White (Keynote)Low and intermediate sulphidation epithermal deposits
Roger Skirrow (Keynote)IOCG deposits
Jingwin Mao (Keynote)W-Sn deposits
Steve Cox (Keynote)

The dynamics of injection-driven failure in high fluid flux regimes: Insights from ore deposits, seismicity and numerical modelling

Joel Brugger (Keynote)Hydrothermal experiments
Cornel de RondeVHMS:deposits and modern submarine systems
Yasushi WatanabeREE and critical elements
Steffen HagemannFe ores

New Technologies and Approaches in Mineral Exploration

Kaylene Camuti

Technological and conceptual developments in the mid-20th century offered explorers a new framework for exploration. Affordable geochemistry and airborne geophysical techniques, combined with regional geological maps, provided tools for large scale regional surveys and led to major discoveries. Recent decades have seen continuing advances in exploration technology and new concepts applied to exploration programs. Developments in geophysical, geochemical, biochemical and drilling-related technologies, along with advances in data management and processing, offer explorers an expanding range of tools. In addition, the challenge of exploring under cover is leading to new ideas for applying technology and geological concepts. This symposium welcomes contributions on new exploration technologies and concepts, and on modern applications of tried and true technologies and geological techniques.

Confirmed Speakers

Doug Kirwin (Keynote)Fifty years of looking at rocks
Jeremy Richards (Keynote)Magma fertility
Jeremy Cook Seismic applied to gold exploration
Simon RichardsAtomic dielectric resonance spectroscopy
Carsten LaukampRemote sensing
Antonio Arribas

Improving reconnaissance exploration for hydrothermal deposits through collection of fluid inclusion and cathodoluminescence evidence during regional BLEG surveys

Steven MicklethwaiteNew techniques in structural analysis
Ravi AnandGeochemical sampling through cover
Richard LillyGeochemical exploration methods
Vladimir LisitsinGIS based prospectivity analysis

Tectonics and Metallogenesis

Paul Dirks and Carl Spandler

Future delineation and extraction of mineral wealth will rely on a holistic geoscience approach - from deposit to continent scale - that considers lithospheric-scale geological architecture, 4D tectonic evolution and metallogenic processes. The success of future mineral exploration will hinge on our ability to unlock new target areas by exploring under cover or along the ocean floor, and by applying new concepts, many driven by advancements in technology. We invite contributions covering all fields of geology, geophysics and geochemistry with relevance to tectonics and regional metallogenesis.

Tectonics and Metallogenesis of Queensland Session
Convener: Paul Donchak

Confirmed Speakers

David Giles (Keynote)Tectonics and crustal architecture of Australia
Ross Large (Keynote)Cycles of ore deposits and mass extinction events
Jo WhelanGeological evolution of the Arnhem Province, Northern Territory
Peter Betts 
David HustonSpatial variations in lead isotopes in the Tasman Element: Implications for tectonic evolution and metallogenesis
Ross Cayley 
John WalsheVolato-thermal Au systems in the late Archean: Core to the crust
Simon JohnsonMetallogeny of the Capricorn Origin

Basins and Energy

Eric Roberts and Maree Corkeron

This symposium will address the relationship between tectonics, basins and energy resources. The symposium will span a range of topics that include coal, conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon accumulations, as well as studies focused on basic sedimentology, stratigraphy, palaeontology and structural geology. Emphasis will be placed on Australasian basins, however case studies from around the globe  are welcome. In addition, new applications and techniques for basin analysis involving geochronology, geochemistry and other fields will be highlighted.

Confirmed Speakers

Alan Collins (Keynote)Tectonic geography and provenance of mesoproterozoic petroleum-bearing Roper Group, McArthur Basin
Annette George (Keynote)Australian carbonate systems: conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon accumulations
Kasia SobczakPalaeonvironments of the Drummond Basin
Valeria BianchHigh resolution facies analysis and unusual palaeogeography for the Precipice Sandstone (Early Jurassic, Surat Basin)

Future Trends in the Minerals Industry

Trevor Shaw

This symposium will include contributions on trends in the minerals industry that will affect the future of exploration, discovery, and the utilisation of resources. Topics could include, but are not limited to, commodities in the future, sovereign risk, education and training, trends in research management and application (industry and government), and developments in project management.

Confirmed Speakers

Roric Smith (Keynote)Exploration project management