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About Our Behavioural Science Degree Courses & Studies

With a behavioural studies degree from James Cook University, you'll have the foundation you need to embark on a fulfilling career understanding human behaviour and how the human mind works. Whether this degree is the first step in your career as a registered psychologist or preparation for a job right after graduation, you'll have an accredited degree from a university committed to student success.

A behavioural studies degree gives you a broad background of knowledge that encompasses many fields of study. This is not a limiting degree. You'll come to understand concepts of psychology and sociology, but you'll also learn how our physiology and biology affect our behaviour and the interplay of human behaviour with laws and ethics.

Through your behavioural science courses, you'll be prepared to enter the business world, work in important government departments, be the first line of intervention for mental health, work in research, or go on to pursue a degree as a psychologist. Whatever you choose to do in life, your deep understanding of human behaviour will be an asset to you and every employer you work with.

Be ready for the future. Your Bachelor of Psychological Science from JCU includes a wide variety of courses and is fully accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council.

Understand the Human Mind

The human mind is beautifully complicated, and one of the best things about working in behavioural science is the opportunity to see inside. Your understanding of the mind will start with the theoretical foundations of psychological science and how they are applied. You'll grasp the complexity of what drives our mental processes and how we apply the principles of psychology to understand and learn more.

Through subjects in psychological neuroscience, you'll learn how our biology affects the way we perceive the world around us and behave in response. With an in-depth understanding of the structure of the nervous system and how we transmit information via that system, you'll understand how humans make sense of their world and why they behave the way they do.

In subjects like psychopathology you'll begin to grasp how disorders and dysfunctions affect human beings at every level of society. You'll come to recognise the symptoms and bases for psychological disorders and how to use diagnostic criteria to understand them better. You'll also practice your skills in developing a suitable treatment for those suffering from a psychopathology.

Learn About the Power of Society

As a behavioural scientist, you'll constantly apply your understanding of how the people around us affect our behaviour. In social psychology degree courses, you'll see how the influence of other people affects how we understand ourselves and our place in the world. You'll gain a firm grasp of group dynamics and the way prejudice, cultural differences, and gender issues affect human behaviour and how to use this understanding to solve the social problems that face our society.

It's important to understand these principles in relation to physical and larger psychological health issues. Your behavioural science courses at JCU will give you an in-depth understanding of psychosocial stress, the influence of our social networks on our health, and even how issues of social psychology affect doctor-patient interactions and health outcomes of marginalised communities.

Culture and Communication

The people we interact with influence our understanding of self, and this is especially true as we interact with people of different cultures. Through subjects in intercultural psychology and cross-cultural communication, you will learn how to understand cultures from their own point of reference. You will also gain a better understanding of what defines culture and the benefits and challenges of different cultures interacting.

With JCU's connections to remote rural communities across Australia, you will gain a special understanding of Australian Indigenous psychologies and the influence of globalisation on the human mind and societal development. You'll also grow your skills as a communicator not only in the professional realm, but with people from every culture and economic background.

Law and Ethics

Through courses in forensic psychology, you'll learn about the relationship between the legal system and human behaviour. You will practice applying psychological knowledge to the criminal justice system and investigate how forensic psychology can come alongside to ensure ethical and equal treatment for all.

Your courses will also give you insight into diagnosis and treatment for incarcerated offenders as well as building your skills in relating to law enforcement personnel. You will learn the tools and techniques of forensic psychology while learning how to apply larger psychological theories to issues that arise within the justice system.

A degree and a job are important, and your behavioural studies degree will open many potential career avenues. You could go on to become a certified psychologist and work in clinical settings, in schools, or in counselling. You might become an occupational or sport and exercise psychologist, helping professionals excel in their own fields.

You may prefer to have more influence at a community level and could pursue a career in the law courts, among law enforcement, or in prisons. It could be your job to decide whether someone is fit to stand trial, or you may help law enforcement personnel to stay in good mental health as they serve the community.

Your degree will also allow you to work in academic and applied research settings, developing cutting-edge interventions and testing new theories that could change our understanding of human behaviour for the better.

Your world-class education begins at James Cook University, alongside leaders in the field committed to helping you grow your skills as a behavioural professional. Studying the human mind can open up many career paths, so contact JCU today to learn more about our behavioural science degree course and how they can help you begin your rewarding career.