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Can You Get into Medicine with a Nursing Degree?

In the medical industry, there are a number of essential parts that are needed for the system to function. Nurses make up one of those parts. While there are plenty of people who are in love with nursing, not everyone who completes their training ultimately wants to become a nurse. It may be surprising to know but a nursing degree is a common stepping stone for those who want to get into medicine.

If your aspirations take you in the direction of medicine, the natural pathway would be to look at medicine degrees. But spots for doctors in medical universities can be competitive and limited. Therefore, an alternative route is to get into medicine with a nursing degree.

So how is it Possible?

Although a very different career path, studying a Bachelor of Nursing Science and undertaking the relevant training to become a Registered Nurse gives you a solid foundation of knowledge and experience that is required to become a doctor. The skills that you will learn in the classroom when completing your Bachelor’s Degree and the experiences that you will have in the field are very transferable to medicine. These skills include:

  • Medical knowledge
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Customer service
  • Problem solving
  • Communication

… and more.

Once you have completed your nursing degree, you have the required prerequisites to begin your studies in medicine. You can apply to medical school, take your Graduate Medical School Admissions Test and embark on your medicine pathway.

Choosing Where to Study

You have decided to start your journey into medicine by completing a Bachelor of Nursing Science degree but how do you decide where to study? Here are some great qualities to look out for in a university.

A blend of both classroom learning and on-site experience

Classroom learning is essential in developing the level of knowledge required to succeed but on-the-job experience is invaluable in the medical industry. This will give you an edge when applying for your Doctor of Medicine.

In-depth preparation for a range of careers

University provides a fantastic opportunity to discover which pathway you would like to take. Choosing a course that prepares you for a range of career paths is essential. Consider a nursing degree that provides experience in mental health, emergency care, oncology and more to discover which area attracts you the most. This will help to decide your specialist areas when undertaking your Doctor of Medicine.

Complete Your Nursing Degree at James Cook University

For a high-quality, in-depth nursing degree, enrol here at James Cook University. With rural, regional and metro training, you can embark on a career in medicine anywhere in Australia. JCU provides training in a diverse range of areas so you can discover which area of the medical industry you fit best. Your journey into medicine can start with a Bachelor of Nursing Science. Get in touch to learn more.