Future Students Clinical Lab Scientist Programs

About JCU's Clinical Laboratory Scientist Programs in Queensland

Clinical scientists play a key role in saving lives and improving health outcomes for whole communities. If you have a passion for research and investigation, want to work with the latest technologies, and are excited for a rewarding career in medicine, the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Honours) (similar to a clinical laboratory scientist program) at James Cook University can help you achieve your goals.

As a clinical scientist, you'll have the opportunity to take part in diagnostic screening that matters. You'll work with teams of healthcare professionals to understand and fight some of the worst diseases that threaten us all. You'll know how to interpret ECG, respiratory function, neurophysiology and renal physiology test results so that other medical professionals can give the right treatment at the right moment.

Clinical lab scientist programs at JCU give you a broad range of skills so you can choose your own future. One of the best things about working as a clinical measurements scientist (similar to a clinical lab scientist) is the variety of disciplines you could work in – from making a difference in Australia's most remote communities to a fast-paced specialist position at a busy urban clinic. You'll also appreciate that this career constantly grows and presents new opportunities as you progress.

Your clinical laboratory scientist program at JCU will help you build the knowledge, practical experience, and skillset you need for a rewarding career uncovering important scientific evidence.


Science and Technology

Through your clinical science studies, you will develop a deep understanding of multiple fields of science, including anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. Take advantage of JCU's unique expertise and location to gain a specific knowledge of the tropical and chronic diseases that thrive in this part of the world.

You'll also have the opportunity to work in a clinical measurements laboratory, learning a range of multi-disciplinary skills. You will become a multidisciplinary scientist with skills in cardiac, respiratory, sleep, neurophysiology and renal physiology.

Professional and Ethical Considerations

You'll learn both the theoretical principles necessary for a career in science and the ethical principles that guide diagnostic and research practices. With JCU's emphasis on diversity, you'll have the opportunity to work in remote communities offering a multidisciplinary service to support these marginalised communities.

Genetics and Drug Interactions

JCU's clinical laboratory scientist program will also give you an in-depth understanding of biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology so you can understand genetic regulatory mechanisms and the molecular basis of underlying diseases. As you learn about systemic pathophysiology and how each system of the human body changes with disease you will learn the diagnostic techniques used by clinical scientists to research, diagnose and check progress of treatment of these diseases.


One of the most rewarding aspects of a career in clinical science is the knowledge that your work has immense practical value. You'll use a variety of important skills to put your knowledge to work, and that starts in your Bachelor of Clinical Science (Honours) degree courses. Through your studies, you'll develop as a professional, learning effective diagnostic and research techniques and how to make decisions based on sound scientific evidence.

Studying at JCU, you'll also grow your communication skills as you work with peers in small classes and lecturers committed to student success. Not only will you know how to find the critical scientific evidence the medical community needs, but you'll also learn how to communicate that evidence effectively to peers, patients, laypeople, and governments looking to develop evidence-based public policies for better community health.

Practical Experience

A degree and a job are important and employers are looking for graduates with experience. Effective clinical measurement scientist (similar to clinical laboratory scientist) programs offer you hands-on, practical experience under world-class educators in real, professional settings. JCU's clinical laboratory scientist programs offer you the kind of experience employers are looking for.

You'll work in JCU's state-of-the-art research laboratories as you master the principles of scientific research and become skilled in developing and testing hypotheses. You will also gain practical experience through regular professional placements working directly with patients in hospitals and clinics in urban and rural settings. Through it all, you'll grow your personal professional network and get to know some of the leading experts in your field.

Being a clinical scientist opens a variety of doors. Your qualifications will provide many career options. You could end up in a government role working in community health and public policy development, making a difference in society. You could take your passion and curiosity into a hospital or private diagnostic lab applying your analytical skills in healthcare or even undertaking advanced research and working at the cutting edge of the latest scientific discoveries.

You could work as part of a larger healthcare team providing clinical measurement services to doctors. The skills you learn at the JCU clinical scientist program will also equip you to start your own business if you prefer to work for yourself. Through your business, you could take your skills anywhere to provide services to doctors even in the most remote locations.

With your Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Honours) degree from JCU, you'll also be perfectly positioned to continue on into master studies and undertake your own research, or gain even more qualifications in physiotherapy, dentistry, or other branches of medicine.

JCU's clinical laboratory scientist program has a strong commitment to you as a student and to the diversity and health of our larger community. With the qualifications you gain through this program, you'll be able to effectively pursue your own personal and professional goals and become a leader in promoting better health for our communities.

If you are ready for a rigorous program that will give you the broad range of knowledge, skills, and experience you need for a successful future career, contact JCU today to learn more about JCU's Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Honours) (similar to a clinical laboratory scientist program).