Future Students Physiotherapy Degree Courses

About JCU's Physiotherapy School & Degree Courses

If you're ready to make a difference in the lives of others, consider a degree course from the JCU Physiotherapy School. A physiotherapy university degree will give you the knowledge and skills you need for a fulfilling future in a well-respected career.

One of the best things about being a physiotherapist is the opportunity to see real change in the lives of people who are in pain. Your skills and expertise will improve quality of life for others. Through your physio courses, you'll learn how to help people with conditions like cystic fibrosis and arthritis so they can live more comfortable and active lives.

Your physiotherapy degree courses also make you ready to work in a wide variety of healthcare settings. There are hospitals, clinics, sports teams, and private practices everywhere in need of the services of skilled physiotherapists. This well-respected profession provides real benefit to society and a rewarding career for you.

Your physiotherapy university studies at JCU will equip you to take your skills anywhere, and will have a positive impact on individuals, families, and the larger community wherever you go. With a strong focus on ethical practice and professional development, your physio courses will equip you to understand the science behind physiotherapy while you master the techniques you need to make a difference.

Study in small classes guided by lecturers committed to student success and take part in clinical placements to practice your skills in real-world settings. At JCU, you'll have the opportunity to develop your skills in urban, rural, and remote locations. You'll grow as a physiotherapist as you work at the JCU Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Clinic and see first-hand how what you learn in the classroom plays out in the real world.

JCU Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Clinic

The JCU Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Clinic is a state-of-the-art learning environment where you will work alongside some of Australia's most experienced professionals, providing high-quality physiotherapy service and using the most up-to-date, evidence-based physiotherapy methods. Working at the clinic, you'll have the opportunity to participate in assessments, treatment, patient education, and experience collaborating with a team of healthcare professionals to provide the best outcome for patients.

Your world-class education at JCU Physiotherapy School includes the opportunity to grow your skills as you grow your network of connections. Take the opportunity to interact with other students and professionals in clinical exercise physiology, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and other related healthcare disciplines.

A strong foundation is important to a successful career, and your Bachelor of Physiotherapy from James Cook University includes courses designed to give you a broad base of knowledge to build on. One of the most exciting things about being a physiotherapist is that this career field is always advancing. As new research and medical interventions come to light, you'll be ready to learn and apply them. Wherever you go, and however you might specialise in the future, what you learn in your foundational physiotherapy degree courses will always be useful.

Foundational Courses

With a clear understanding of human anatomy you'll be able to help people precisely because you understand what's really going on inside. Foundational courses will help you firmly grasp the principles of human structure and function, from the gross anatomical structure to the interactions of cells in the nervous system.

You’ll also spend time understanding the purpose and the history of physiotherapy as a profession and how to apply research and literary skills to improve your practice, evaluate new techniques as they appear, and make evidence-based decisions about what's best for your clients and patients.

You'll also grow your understanding of the biomechanical principles that underlie physiotherapy and the important techniques of physiotherapy, such as joint examination or massage, understanding why they work and what factors can interfere with a treatment. You will also develop a strong understanding of the healthcare realities facing Australia and the different people groups within it. You'll learn how sociocultural issues influence health and well-being and how to ensure equitable care for all regardless of background.

Apply Your Knowledge

Experience has no substitute, and you need a chance to apply what you learn in your physio courses. At JCU, you will spend time in clinical placements from the very beginning of your studies, working among some of Australia's most marginalised people groups and alongside esteemed names in the field.

Through your clinical placements, you'll have the opportunity to grow your skills among culturally and demographically diverse people groups and gain a special understanding of the challenges facing Indigenous communities in tropical and rural locations. You'll also practice your communication skills while applying physiotherapy-based health assessments to promote good health and prevent future problems for your patients.

You'll see firsthand how to apply respectful and effective care and grow your skills as a communicator. You'll see first-hand the health challenges, ethical issues, and political realities that affect the health and healthcare outcomes of various people.

Go Deeper

For a successful career, you want the opportunity to go beyond the basics and learn advanced techniques and skills that can make you valuable to employers. Your physiotherapy degree courses at JCU will give you the opportunity to face complex cases while you consider all the contemporary issues facing physiotherapists.

In your advanced courses, you'll learn how to apply your clinical reasoning to solve problems and prepare management plans for people in the most difficult situations. You'll become a self-directed, independent thinker ready to make a difference in your community, and be an active part of a larger healthcare team developing evidence-based solutions for those under your care.

You'll also learn the important communication techniques you need to effectively help your patients, discuss complex issues with colleagues, express your ideas and disagreements in a professional setting. You’ll learn to explain complex healthcare issues to laypeople and influence public policy. Grow your skills as an oral and written communicator as you take part in research that makes a difference.

Your rewarding career as a healthcare professional begins with your physio courses at JCU. Join us at JCU today and find out how you can make a positive impact in your community as a degreed physiotherapist.