Future Students What Degree Do You Need to Become a Nurse

What Degree Do You Need to Become a Nurse?

You’ve decided on your career path, and you would like to become a nurse. Whichever area you decide to pursue a career in, whether that be children’s nursing, adult nursing, mental health nursing or other, you must have the correct qualifications. Unfortunately, nursing isn’t a career that you can simply stumble upon, it takes years of dedication and hard work.

So where do you begin? What degree do you need to become a nurse? And how do you choose the right course? Continue reading to learn the answer to these questions and more.

Build a Solid Educational Foundation

As is the case with most career paths, you must have a nursing education in order to become a nurse. For the majority, this education will take the form of a Bachelor’s Degree. As part of your degree, you should have classroom instruction as well as clinical experience. This combination will give you the knowledge that you need to succeed in your nursing career as well as provide hands-on experience to prepare you for life as a nurse.

A quicker entry would be to undertake an Associate’s Degree as the program takes less time to complete, however, you’ll be entering at a lower level and could find it harder to source employment. And whether this level of degree will be sufficient will depend on your career aspirations. Nursing is a field with many pathways. The required degree level that you’ll need is dependent on the type of nursing you prefer.

Whichever pathway you choose, achieving the highest level of education will always put you ahead. In-depth education and hands-on experience are incomparable, and employers will be looking for these when hiring. Therefore, take careful consideration when choosing the level of degree to undertake.

Choosing the Right Course for You

On the surface, it may appear that every Bachelor of Nursing Science is the same at different universities. And while you will walk away with the same qualification, your experiences will be entirely different. There is a reason why some universities thrive where others do not.

When enrolling on a nursing degree, it is essential to read through the course overview, the length of the course, the areas which you’ll cover, the range of placements, whether you’ll be able to apply to become a registered nurse after graduation and more. Choosing a nursing course that provides clinical experience as well as classroom instruction is crucial. It is this experience that will enable you to solidify your nursing pathway and give you an edge when seeking employment upon graduation.

JCU is the University for You

Your search for ‘what degree do I need to become a registered nurse’ ends here. James Cook University’s Bachelor of Nursing Science provides a fantastic pathway to a career in nursing. With a great blend of education and experience, you’ll graduate feeling fully prepared for work as an RN anywhere in Australia. With eligibility to register as a Registered Nurse (Division 1) upon graduation, your career can start immediately. Want to learn more? Get in touch today!