About GEM XX

The Gaseous Electronics Meeting (GEM) is a conference held every two years in Australia, with strong international participation.

It brings the atomic and molecular physics and plasma communities together to discuss the latest developments and challenges ahead in the field of plasma research and applications among scientists, engineering and industries from across the world.

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GEM covers all aspects of gaseous electronics and related multidisciplinary topics and applications, including but not limited to:

  • Elementary processes in ionized gases
  • Electron and positron transport
  • Basic studies and diagnostics of low-temperature plasmas
  • Basic studies and diagnostics of fusion related plasmas
  • Physics of laboratory and space plasmas
  • Complex and dusty plasmas
  • Plasma processing, materials synthesis, surface/interface
  • Plasma nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • Plasmas in contact with liquids and their applications
  • Thermal plasmas: physics and industrial applications
  • Plasma discharges under extreme and unusual conditions
  • Applications of gas discharges and atomic/ion processes: environmental, energy, agriculture, biomedical, sterilization, manufacturing and security

Our Sponsors

Hosting GEM is only made possible through the generous support of the following sponsors

Invited Speakers

As the program for GEM is finalised we will continue to add contributing presenters the organising committee have invited to present their recent work.

Plenary Speakers

Professor Marcela Bilek
University of Sydney, Australia

Professor Toshiaki Makabe
Keio University, Japan

Professor Masayuki Yokoyama
National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan

Invited Speakers

Dr Kateryna Bazaka
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Professor Jean-Paul Booth
Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas, Ecole Polytechnique, France

Dr Laurence Campbell
Flinders University, Australia

Professor Christine Charles
Australian National University

Dr Cormac Corr
Australian National University

Professor Dmitry Fursa
Curtin University, Australia

Associate Professor He-Ping Li
Tsinghua University, China

Dr Joshua Machacek
Australian National University

Professor Jamie Quinton
Flinders University, Australia

Professor Robert Robson
Griffith & James Cook Universities, Australia

Associate Professor Hirotake Sugawara
Hokkaido University, Japan

Dr Endre Szili
University of South Australia

Key dates

Please take note of the following key dates for GEM XX

Key dateDetails
Friday 11 May 2018Extended abstract submission deadline
Extended early registration deadline
Thursday 21 June 2018Delegates arrive
Evening reception at Amaroo Resort
Friday 22 June 2018GEM XX begins
Sunday 24 June 2018GEM XX concludes

About Magnetic Island

GEM XX will be held at the Amaroo on Mandalay resort, Magnetic Island, Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Magnetic Island is a beautiful tropical location, with accommodation available at the conference venue.

The Amaroo on Mandalay resort is set in a beautiful location with lush tropical gardens, and all the modern facilities needed to house a successful conference. Parallel sessions will be accommodated in the Endeavour and Cleveland rooms, with a poolside area for the welcome reception and relaxation throughout the conference. Magnetic Island has a diverse range of native Australia wildlife as well as spectacular beaches and bushwalking. We hope you will be able to take full advantage of the location for both the scientific and recreational parts of your visit.

Location & Contact