Module 2 - Orientation Week

Orientation Week


The undergraduate JCU Orientation Program runs over a six-week period with activities commencing the week before Orientation Week (O Week) and finishing in Week 4. This ‘longer and thinner’ approach means you receive the right information at the right time during your transition into university to avoid being overwhelmed at the start. It is important to participate in transition activities as research at JCU shows that it increases student retention by up to 23% and 1 Grade Point Average (you stay and succeed).

How will this module help me?

  • Access your O Week program for your course of study
  • Understand the importance of orientation activities
  • Learn how to access information to participate in O Week activities
  • Hear from past students who attended O Week.

How long does this module take?

  • 20 minutes

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."

Bobby Unser

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

Arthur Ashe

Welcome to O Week

O Week is your first official week of university life. It is one of the most important weeks of your academic journey as the course introductions and skill development sessions provide you with a wealth of tips and strategies to help you survive and thrive at university. These activities will help you meet peers in your course and understand academic expectations in order to succeed. This critical information is not repeated in Week 1 or the rest of your degree, which is why O Week is deemed a compulsory part of the university calendar and eligible students receive their government benefits (Austudy, Abstudy) in order to attend all activities.

O Week will also help you connect with fellow students through your Course Introduction, which involves an interactive session that allows you to engage in social and academic activities within the context of your discipline. This session will also include information about academic expectations, course structure and essential information, and career paths for your degree. Students report that connecting with their peers was one of the most valuable aspects of orientation, so be brave and introduce yourself to others (virtually or face-to-face) and find some like-minded peers to help each other succeed and feel a sense of belonging at university. You will also meet your Student Mentor in O Week, who is an experienced, successful students in your course who volunteers their time to help you through your first study period at JCU.

O Week Programs

O Week celebrates the beginning of your uni life and is packed with essential information and fun activities. Trimester 1, 2023 O Week runs from 6 – 10 February, and Study Period 1, 2023 O Week runs from 13 - 17 February, the week before teaching starts.

Testimonial - Bachelor of Nursing Science

Testimonial - Bachelor of Business & Law

Testimonial - Bachelor of Speech Pathology

Testimonial - Bachelor of Education

Testimonial - Bachelor of Arts

Student testimonials

What do other students say about their Orientation experience?

Bachelor of Nursing Science

“I would recommend all students attend Orientation as it was highly beneficial for my smooth transition to university.  I reaped the rewards of learning about resources, support services, classroom locations, academic skills, as well as meeting teaching staff and fellow students, which have all supported my ongoing success”.

Bachelor of Business - Bachelor of Laws

“Starting university can be daunting and everybody has their own concerns and challenges that cause some anxiety.  I met my mentor in O Week who was a familiar, friendly face around campus that made it all seem a little less scary.  The Student Mentor Program helped me to relax and get into the swing of university life very quickly.”

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

“I was excited to being studying at JCU and attended O Week. These activities helped me understand the university and what my course entailed, and introduced me to other students who have become friends”.

Speech Pathology

“My advice to new students is to attend O Week and talk to people! Make the effort to get to know other students in your course. They are going to be there if you need help, and some will become good friends too”.

Bachelor of Education

“Student mentors provide an important perspective into starting university and succeeding throughout the course of the first study period. It was beneficial to have a mentor who had just started second year, as his first-year experiences were fresh in his mind.  Ultimately, hindsight is a powerful tool and he was able to provide me with some incredibly helpful tips.”

Bachelor of Arts

“I encourage new students to get involved, go to O Week, and meet the Mentors and your fellow students. Building a network at university will help you to stay balanced and to realise that everyone has highs and lows throughout their study”.

Bachelor of Nursing Science

“I would highly recommend students attend O Week activities. O Week breaks the ice with fellow students and lecturers and gives you an overview of life as a university student. It gives you great insight into what the course will be like and makes you feel comfortable from day one”.