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Experience Singapore Program

JCU makes it easy for students to study part of their degree at its campuses in Australia and Singapore. You continue to pay your tuition fee to your home campus while on the program, and receive credit towards your degree for subjects successfully completed while at the overseas campus.

Students based at JCU Townsville and JCU Cairns can spend one or two teaching periods (trimesters) at JCU Singapore, with College approval. Students based at JCU Singapore can spend one or two teaching periods (semesters) at JCU Townsville or JCU Cairns, with College approval.

Inter-campus experience is available for a maximum of two semesters / trimesters. The program is open to both domestic and international students enrolled at JCU.

To be eligible for the Experience Singapore program students must:

  • Provide a copy of current Passport;
  • Have successfully completed 12 credit points at their home campus at the time of application;
  • Have an academic standing of 'Satisfactory' at the time of application;
  • Not owe any fees, fines or other moneys to JCU at the time of application;
  • Have a study plan for study at the overseas campus prepared by the Enrolments Team; and
  • Maintain their academic and financial status until the overseas study commences.

A student who applies for inter-campus experience and whose academic status ceases to be 'Satisfactory' or who becomes a debtor, before departing for overseas study, will not be permitted to participate in inter-campus experience until the student’s status returns to 'Satisfactory'.

Students on inter-campus experience will remain enrolled at their home campus and will continue to pay all fees and charges to their home campus while studying at the overseas campus.

Students from JCU Singapore are not required to pay the Student Services and Amenities (SSA) Fee.

Students from JCU Australia studying at JCU Singapore are not required to pay an International Student Registration Fee.

Inter-campus experience provides for temporary study at an overseas campus. Students who wish to permanently move campuses will be required to complete the Campus Transfer Application Form.

Transferral to another campus permanently after a period of inter-campus experience may incur a Transfer Fee. A Transfer Fee is payable if the fees paid at the home campus for the period of inter-campus experience were less than the fees that were payable for the same period at the overseas campus.

Timing options

The academic year at JCU Singapore is divided into three trimesters, including Orientation Week. The trimester system allows JCU Australia students to undertake one trimester in SP1 or two trimesters in SP2:

  • Study Period 51 – commencing March - June
  • Study Period 52 – commencing July - October
  • Study Period 53 – commencing November - February

(Actual commencement dates will vary from year to year.)

You must complete the Inter-campus Experience Application Form (PDF, 152 KB) electronically and submit it, together with  a copy of your passport to the enrolments team at the Student Centre.

The enrolments team can help you with subject selection, contact is enrolments@jcu.edu.au. An approved study plan will allow you to complete your degree within your required timeframe. Only students with an approved study plan will be permitted to study overseas.

To prepare your proposed study plan:

  1. Select units to study:
    1. Use Studyfinder to select the subjects you want to study at the campus you are applying for.
    2. Make sure the subjects are offered at the correct campus and are available in the teaching period (semester) you plan to go.
  2. Enter your draft study plan on the application form:
    1. You must undertake a full-time load of on-campus subjects only.
    2. You should select 2-4 spare subjects in case your College does not approve all your choices, or in case there are timetable clashes or if subjects are cancelled after you arrive overseas.

Make sure you complete all sections of the application form electronically and attach a photocopy of your current passport that you intend to use for travelling. Your passport must be current for at least six months after the end of your inter-campus experience program.

The application form is to be submitted to the Student Centre on your campus via email to enrolments@jcu.edu.au.

The College will contact you to discuss your study plan. If your study plan is approved, you will be asked to sign a Student Contract and complete the required visa documentation for Singapore.

Completed applications, including any attachments, must be submitted to your College.

International students wishing to study at JCU Singapore are required by law to enter into a Student Contract with their education provider – even if you are already a JCU student. To study in Singapore students must also obtain a Student Pass.

You will receive a Student Contract to sign and the Student Pass application documents once your application is approved. JCU Singapore staff will assist you with the Student Pass process.

Find more on JCU Singapore enrolment procedures.

Student Pass conditions

Students on a Student Pass must comply with the following conditions:

  • Attend the campus 5 days per week for a minimum of 3 hours per day
  • Not undertake any form of paid employment while in Singapore
  • Obey the laws of Singapore

All students are required to undergo a medical check prior to receiving a Student Pass.

Overseas Higher Education Loan Program (OS-HELP) Loans

OS-HELP is a federal government loan scheme to assist eligible undergraduate students to undertake some of their course of study overseas. Note: that this is a loan and any fees will be added to your HELP debt. Read more about OS-HELP loan.


If you are currently receiving financial assistance from Centrelink, you may be eligible to continue receiving Centrelink payments whilst participating in the Experience Singapore Program. The Global Experience Office will write you a letter on request, which states that you will be a full-time enrolled student whilst on exchange which you take to a Centrelink office to ensure continued payment.

Singapore is a vibrant, cosmopolitan country offering a diverse array of cultural experiences. State of the art facilities make Singapore a highly accessible destination.

Students at JCU Singapore have a wide range of accommodation options: off-campus hostels, private or shared rental accommodation, and serviced apartments. JCU Singapore has an accommodation assistance office that can help source appropriate accommodation for you.

Find more information on accommodation.

Living Costs

The living cost in Singapore is estimated to be S$10,200-23,400 per year.





Public Transport/week


Personal Expenses/week






Australian students wishing to study at JCU Singapore will be covered under the JCU Business Travel Insurance for up to 270 days.

In addition, students studying at JCU Singapore will be required as a condition of obtaining their student pass to take out health insurance to cover their time in Singapore. Students must purchase this insurance at JCU Singapore at a cost of S$60 per trimester.

Prepare for your arrival in Singapore, visit the JCU Singapore arrival website.

In addition, JCU Singapore conducts pre-departure video conferences to ensure all students are well prepared for arrival in Singapore.

Global Experience Office JCU Australia

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Email globalexperience@jcu.edu.au

Student Support Centre, JCU Singapore

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