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International Short Study

Is a 6 or 12 month international exchange not suitable for you? Would you prefer to only study 2-6 weeks overseas? Several of JCU’s partner universities offer short programs which can be credited towards your JCU degree. Short study opportunities are also available through various Australian Organisations.

JCU Global Experience

Nursing students undertake a New Colombo Plan funded clinical placement with Karima Health Care Community in Bulian,Tejukula and Singaraja regions of Indonesia as part of their clinical studies.
College of Healthcare Sciences

  • You must be enrolled in a degree program at JCU.
  • You must have completed at least 12 credits towards your degree.
  • You must be receiving credit towards your JCU degree for international experience to receive funding.
  • There is no one specific GPA eligibility criteria for short study.
  • Refer to each individual program for discipline specific eligibility criteria.

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Work the World offers tailor-made healthcare placements across multiple disciplines in Asia, Africa and Latin America. No application deadline, fees vary by program. Disciplines include: Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Exercise Science.

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Offers various general and specialised programs across all disciplines in 26 countries. Application deadlines and fees vary by program

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While not eligible for exchange, health and medicine degrees are eligible to go on overseas placements. You can find out more about available placements by emailing healthplacements@jcu.edu.au .

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The Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA) creates global learning environments designed to foster the development of critical perspectives, knowledge and skills essential for students to thrive in the future. The IFSA study abroad experience is about creating serious momentum for the professional you’re becoming. You’ll enhance your education with opportunities to participate in:
Read more about Experiential Learning and study abroad with IFSA.

Perspectives and Practice in Global Health and Development, which pairs students with an Indian NGO and an interpreter for an intensive, meaningful experience.

Remote International Internships, which pairs students with a company or organization to do valuable hands-on work in a number of disciplines and locations.

Explorers JCU 2018

JCU offers an opportunity to take part in a rich immersion program in the Pacific supported by New Colombo Plan mobility grants.
College of Arts, Society and Education

Do you have an elective in your degree?

Want to become more competitive in a global job market? Study any language* overseas for credit against a JCU elective during the semester break. Ask us how.

*subject to approval prior to study