Tecnológico de Monterrey

Area of Study Business, Creative Arts, Engineering, Indigenous Studies, Information Technology, Languages, Law, Politics, Science
Course Language(s) English, Spanish
Average Credit Load 40 TEC Credits/30 ECTS
Semester dates August - December
January - April

About the University

Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) provides students with an excellent opportunity to study at one of the top universities in Mexico, and offers a rich learning environment. Students can choose from a variety of courses geared to foreign students, which may be taught in English or Spanish. Students with previous knowledge of the Spanish language may take regular university courses alongside local students. A limited number of regular university courses are taught in English.

ITESM campuses are located in many locations including Monterrey, Guadalajara, León, Chihuahua, Santa Fe, Puebla and Querétaro.


Monterrey, Guadalajara, León, Chihuahua, Santa Fe, Puebla and Querétaro, Mexico


The second largest city in the country. Guadalajara is ranked as the eighth best city to visit in Mexico and South America. Guadalajara, is a city that retains its traditions and culture, from mariachi music to museums to delicious cuisine.  Known for tequila and mariachi music, both were born in Jalisco, the state of which Guadalajara is the capital. The Guadalajara historic center is dotted with colonial plazas and landmarks such as the neoclassical Teatro Degollado and a cathedral with twin gold spires. The Palacio del Gobierno houses famous murals by painter José Clemente Orozco.


With four world heritage sites, traveling to Querétaro is delving into the history of Mexico. Vibrate with its colonial architecture between walkers and squares. Be captivated by its magical towns and its amazing natural attractions. Delight in traditional gastronomy, tasting its award-winning wines and cheeses from the region.


Let yourself be surprised in this mostly desert region where you will find in the Sierra Madre an oasis of natural beauties. Nuevo León offers so many and varied attractions for lovers of adventure and vertigo. Considered as the second city in economic importance of the country, it also offers a very complete tourist infrastructure open to receive the most experienced and demanding travelers with a wide cultural and entertainment offer.


Monterrey, capital and most populous city of the State of Nuevo León, is an extensive industrial and business center surrounded by mountains, the most emblematic is Cerro de la Silla. The city is part of the Monterrey Metropolitan Area, with a population of 4.1 million inhabitants, making it the third most populous metropolitan area in Mexico, only after Mexico City and Guadalajara.


In Chihuahua is Las Barrancas del Cobre, one of the largest and most impressive canyon systems in the world, where vertical rocky walls and 1,500-meter-high cliffs give rise to the largest and deepest canyons in the country.


Once a bastion of conservatism, Catholicism and tradition, Puebla has come out of its colonial-era shell. The city retains a fantastically well-preserved center, a stunning cathedral and a wealth of beautiful churches, while younger poblanos (people from Puebla) are embracing the city’s increasingly thriving art and nightlife scenes.

Santa Fe

Located west of México City, and designed by the world-famous architect Ricardo Legorreta,  Santa Fe campus was built in 2001 and is one of the newest among other 31 campuses of Tec de Monterrey  throughout México. Our campus is located in Santa Fe area, the newest commercial and residential  neighborhood that has become the greatest economic activity center within the Mexican capital.  Our privileged location, close to charming cities like Cuernavaca and Puebla, allows students to travel  and enjoy diverse experiences while living within the heart of the country.

Exchange information

Courses available

For more information in English taught courses, visit the ITESM website.


Campus Guadalajara offers student dorms called “Residencias”. One building is located on-Campus and the other one is just across the street. Students may choose to live in dormitory-style housing, in a homestay, independently. Homestay distances from campus may vary. Meals and laundry are typically included in the homestay option.

Cost of living

Mexico is one of the more cost effective countries for study abroad due to the strong dollar against the peso.  Cost for homestay accommodation per semester including week-day meals is MXN 25,935-29,260. Other expenses including meals, books, and independent travel can range from USD 3,700-5,000 depending on the individual student.

See current exchange rates.

Visa requirements

Please verify your visa requirements with the Mexican Consulate or Embassy in your country and on the following link, since the National Immigration Institute (INM) could modify those requirements without previous notice and because regulations might vary per country. You can search for the closest Consulate or the Embassy in the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores).

If you are staying for more than 180 days you absolutely need a Student Visa. It is recommended you obtain a Student Visa even if you are staying less than 180 days. Do not forget to bring the payment receipt if you were charged for the Visa. The Mexican Consulates and Embassies around the world are the only immigration authorities that can issue this kind of visas.  You cannot obtain student status once you are in Mexico.

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