Uppsala University

Area of Study Arts and Humanities, Biomedicine, Biology, Business, Education, Engineering, Environmental Practice, Environment and Geoscience, Information Technology, Languages, Law, Marine Science, Politics, Social Work, Zoology
Course Language(s) English, Swedish
Average Credit Load 30 ECTS
Semester dates Autumn September - January
Spring January - June

About the University

Uppsala University is the oldest university in Sweden, founded in 1477, and is home to eight Nobel Prize winners. The University has over 40,000 students across two campuses: in the city of Uppsala and on the island of Gotland. Uppsala University Library is one of few libraries in Sweden offering prints from the 15th century, manuscripts from the centuries before book printing, and many more. Uppsala University also has a campus on Gotland, the largest island in the Baltic Sea.


Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala is a city near Stockholm, in Sweden. It's known for Uppsala University, founded in the 15th century. The original university building, Gustavianum, is now a museum housing the Augsburg Art Cabinet, an elaborate, 17th century cabinet of curiosities. Nearby, the Carolina Rediviva library displays the 6th-century Silver Bible. Uppsala Cathedral is the burial place of Swedish royals like King Gustav Vasa.

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Courses available

More information on English taught courses available, visit the UU website.


At Uppsala University, there are no halls of residences, colleges or other forms of ‘university housing’. All rooms that students live in are regular rooms owned by a variety of different housing companies administered by the Uppsala University Housing Office.

Cost of living

Cost of living in Sweden is high, and varies depending on personal needs, the estimated cost of living for one month including accommodation, food, health insurance, transport, text books and supplies and spending is estimated at SEK 8,064 per month – this is the absolute minimum amount of money that you will require.

See current exchange rates.

Visa requirements

All students, regardless of whether or not they are required to pay application and tuition fees, must be able to cover their personal living expenses while in Sweden. To obtain a Swedish residence permit, students are required to have a minimum of SEK 8064 per month for the duration of their studies. If you intend to study for a year or more, you must be able to support yourself for at least 10 months of the year. When you apply for your residence permit, you must enclose a bank statement showing that you have your own bank funds available in an account belonging to you.

For more information, visit the Swedish Migration Agency, Migrationsverket.

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