Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions relating to exchange.

Can I get credit for my studies overseas?

Yes, as long as you stay enrolled in your approved program of study and your College approves your overseas subjects.

Does the exchange program extend my degree by a semester/year?

No, not unless you do not stay within your approved study program or fail subject(s).

Do I have to pay tuition fees to my host institution?

No. While on exchange you will pay your HECS fees for a full-time load at JCU. You do not pay any tuition fees to your host university.

Are there scholarships/grants to go on exchange?

Yes. See the section on Financial Assistance.

When should I start planning for overseas study?

As soon as possible! This gives you the most time to prepare financially and to select your subjects at JCU to leave as many electives as possible for an overseas program.

How do I choose my host university

Choosing a host university is a personal decision, which depends on your current course and what you wish to gain from the experience. Some things to consider when making the decision about where to go include:

  • Country: What part of the world interests you?
  • Language: Do you want to be in an English or non-English speaking country? Many partners in non-English speaking countries offer subjects taught in English.
  • Community: Do you want to experience a big city, or would you prefer to live in a small town? Or does the idea of a university town interest you?
    Costs: What is the cost of living? Does it fit with your budget?
  • Lifestyle: Do you want to live on- or off-campus? Would you prefer to experience a white winter, or stay somewhere in the tropics? What sporting and cultural activities do you want to experience?

I am in my first year. Am I eligible for the exchange program?

Students must be in at least second year of their degree before going on exchange.

I am a postgraduate student. Am I eligible for the exchange program?

Exchange is possible for postgraduate coursework students, depending on the degree requirements and availability at chose partner university. Please contact the Global Mobility office for options.

I am an international student. Am I eligible for the exchange program?

Yes. International students are welcome take part in the exchange program. However, they cannot go on exchange to their home country.

I am studying part-time at JCU. Am I eligible for the exchange program?

Yes. Part-time students can take part in exchange but must undertake full-time study whilst abroad.

Do I have to be able to speak another language in order to study in countries that are not English speaking?

No, most of our partners offer subjects taught in English.

Can I study overseas at a university where JCU has no exchange partnership agreement?

Yes. However, you will need to make all your own arrangements, including paying all tuition fees required by the host university. You will need to take a leave of absence from your JCU degree and enrol directly into your chosen overseas institution and you will not be officially considered a JCU student whilst overseas. You will also need to ensure that you arrange prior approval, in writing, to transfer credit gained at the host institution to your JCU degree.

How long can I go on exchange for?

Most students go for one semester, but you can choose to go for one academic year (two semesters). Some of our exchange partners also offer short courses which run for less than a semester.

How do I apply to go on exchange?

You must apply through the JCU Global Mobility Office. You cannot apply directly to the host university. Make an appointment to see Global Mobility Office staff who will help you with advice, information and the procedures. The earlier you can start the process the better! For further details see How to Apply.

Are there deadlines for submitting applications?

Yes, each host university has its own deadlines. See the section on Application Deadlines on the How to Apply site, and for specific details contact the Global Mobility Office.

Where do I live while on exchange?

Exchange students typically live in on-campus accommodation or other student lodges or hostels. While it is not usually guaranteed, most host universities do try to make sure that exchange students obtain a place in campus accommodation.