Short Study Programs

Short Study Programs

Is a 6 or 12 month exchange not suitable for you? Would you prefer to only study 2-6 weeks overseas? Several of JCU’s partner universities offer short programs which can be credited towards your JCU degree. Short study opportunities are also available through various Australian Organisations

Australian Organisations – short programs & internships

Offers various general and specialised programs across all disciplines. Application deadlines and fees vary by program.

Offers various general and specialised programs across all disciplines in 26 countries. Application deadlines and fees vary by program.

Health and Medicine Placements

Work the World offers tailor-made healthcare placements across multiple disciplines in Asia, Africa and Latin America. No application deadline, fees vary by program. Disciplines include: Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Exercise Science.

Division of Tropical Health and Medicine Placements

While not eligible for exchange, health and medicine degrees are eligible to go on overseas placements. You can find out more about available placements by emailing


The Nursing degree has included one elective subject into their new Bachelor of Nursing program. This means students may be able to take a subject overseas in their breaks – subjects have to be health-related but they’re willing to work with students. Students should look to do this subject in their 2nd year.
Examples include Paediatric winter school in Sweden with Jonkoping University and Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Mercy Ships to Papua New Guinea.

Students can email to find out what programs are suitable and available at the time.

JCU Partner Universities – short programs

Most short programs hosted by JCU partner universities require that you pay fees directly to them. This applies even though we have an exchange agreement in place.


Universidad de la Sabana – Latin American Studies Program
This program is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students from varying disciplines. The Program appeals to students studying business, economics, international relations, politics, international studies, or cultural studies.
Dates: 19 Jan-13 Feb  and 20 Jul-14 Aug each year
Deadline: January (for January start) and June (for July start)
Tuition Fee: US$1,950 including accommodation, many meals, side trips and activities
More Information: Universidad Latin American Studies Program


Tecnológico de Monterrey – i Summer Mx Program
This program is aimed at undergraduate students from varying disciplines. The Program appeals to students studying business, economics, international relations, politics, international studies, or cultural studies.
Dates: July 2 - July 27 2018
Deadline: May 25
Tuition Fee: US$1600 for exchange students or $3600 for independent students including accommodation, many meals, side trips and activities
More Information: Tecnológico de Monterrey programs


Universidad Espiritu Santo – Latin American Language and Culture Program
This program combines an in-depth exploration of Ecuadorian history and culture and intensive Spanish language instruction with extensive travel and intercultural learning. No prior Spanish knowledge required.
Dates: June each year
Deadline: One month prior to the start of the program
Tuition Fee: US$3,500 including orientation tour, field trips, homestay and more.
More InformationLatin American Language and Culture Program

Universidad San Francisco de Quito – Multiple options
This program is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students from varying disciplines. The Program appeals to students studying evolution, ecology, conservation, marine biology, marine ecology, people, politics, environment ans sustainable tourism.
Dates: Dependent on program chosen
Accommodation: USFQ matches interested international students with carefully screened host families in Quito. Host families are required to provide students with their own bedroom (bathroom may be shared), Wifi internet access, and two meals per day (breakfast and dinner).
Tuition Fee: varies dependent on chosen program
More Information: USFQ international student programs


University of New Brinswick – Marine Semester
The UNB Saint John Marine Semester is an intensive, 12-week immersion program offered every two years in a marine setting. It provides students with a "hands-on" study experience of diverse marine organisms, including mammals (whales and seals), algae, fish, and invertebrates. The semester consists of five courses for a total of 19-20 credits. It is equivalent to a full-semester course load, and students are expected to take all five courses. Three courses run for 2-4 weeks each, and two run throughout the semester. The semester involves lectures, research seminars, discussions, labs, field trips, and independent research projects. It is designed to promote critical thinking and expose students to innovate research in marine biology.
Dates: early September - late November biannually (2018, 2020)
Deadline: 1 February
Fee: The cost of the 2018 Marine Semester will be determined in the fall 2017 (2016 cost was $4,543). This includes accommodations (room + food for 12 weeks), campus fees (to use Huntsman premises and labs), cost of all field trips (including 20 hours on the HMSC vessel), as well as all applicable taxes. It does not include UNB tuition fees as tuition is paid to JCU and credit received towards your degree.
More Information: UNB Marine Semester


Hessen Universities Winter/Summer schools
Limited scholarships are available for the Hessen Universities Winter and Summer Universities (IWU and ISUs) from the Hessen Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts. These scholarships cover tuition, accommodation and German health insurance.

The Hessen-Queensland Exchange offers short-term study abroad options twice a year. They are all English-taught and include an intensive German language course.

Some of the short-term programs are part of a semester combination package program. Find out more about the semester program packages.

Applications are due into the JCU Global Mobility Office by September 30th for the Winter Schools, and March 15th for the Summer Schools - contact the JCU Global Mobility Office at for further details regarding the application process.

Berlin School of Economics and Law – Berlin International Summer School
Six different programs are offered: The European Union in a Global World (EUGW); European Business and Economics Programme (EBEP); Markets and Management in Europe (M+M); How Europe Works: Institutions and Law in the EU (ILEU); Learn the Language, Understand the Culture; and From Freehand Sketch to Optimized Product: Computational Structural Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics.
Dates: Jun-Jul each year (exact dates depend on program)
Deadline: 15 March
Tuition Fee: €1,100-1,650 (depending on the program).
More Information: Berlin International Summer School

University of Marburg – International Summer University Marburg
The program is focused on Europe and the Middle East in Transition, and the four modules offer multiple perspectives on this topic. The modules available are Politics and International Relations; Business and Economics; Cultural Studies and Sociology; and EU, Germany and the Middle East.
Dates: Jul-Aug each year
Deadline: 15 Mar each year
Tuition Fee: €1,990
More Information: International Summer University Marburg

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Silk Road International Summer School
This program focuses on culture and language, with students choosing two subjects from a selection of five. The program is taught across Hong Kong and Xi’an, China.
Dates: 5-26 July each year
Deadline: 20 March each year
Tuition Fee: HK20,000 (inc. Accommodation, travel between Hong Kong and Xi’an)
Scholarships: 5 scholarships are available to cover the tuition fee
More Information: Silk Road International Summer School


University of Udine – Intensive Language and Culture
This is an intensive Italian language and culture studies program.
Dates: Jun- July each year
Deadline: 29 May 
Tuition Fee: €600 (excluding accommodation and text books)
More Information: Intensive Language and Culture


Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (RAPU) – Summer APU Gateway Program
This is a Japanese language and culture course and is designed to expand your knowledge of Japanese and Asia Pacific cultures and deepen your intercultural understanding.
Dates: Jun-Jul each year
Deadline: Early March
Tuition Fee: ¥500,300 (including accommodation).
More Information: Summer APU Gateway Program

South Korea

Chung Ang University – International Winter Program
The International Winter Program is a hybrid program providing you with a window into Korea through courses and cultural experiences.
Dates: 27 Jan-12 Feb each year
Deadline: 9 Jan each year
Tuition Fee: KRW1,900,000 (including accommodation)
More Information: International Winter Program

Chung Ang University – International Summer Program
The International Summer Program offers two sessions. The first focuses on learning and experiencing Korean society and culture, whilst the second focuses on learning the Korean language.
Dates: 24 Jun-22 Jul (Session 1) and 4-22 Aug (Session 2) TBC
Deadline: 30 May (Session 1) and 30 Jun (Session 2) TBC
Tuition Fee: KRW900,000 (Session 1) and KRW800,000 (Session 2) TBC
More Information: International Summer Program


University of Southampton – International Summer School
When you join the International Summer School, you are booking your place to become part of an internationally recognised centre for world-class research, enterprise and learning. Across four weeks, you will meet many of the students and staff that make the University of Southampton one of the top 100 of universities globally.
Dates: mid July - mid Agust each year
Deadline: 1 June
Tuition Fee: 3,350 GBP (including accommodation).
More Information: International Summer School